10 réflexions au sujet de “Menthe lanceur de romaric vient au magasin de jeu, mais il n’est pas disponible… Menthe lanceur de”

  1. Here before Mint UI becomes a thing… Oh sh*t wait… Mint UI. Remove the « nt » from Mint and you get Mi. The final result is MIUI.

    Attempted jokes aside, the Launcher looks very similar to the POCO Launcher (as the article stated). There are less permissions requested for Mint Launcher (Phone and Storage) compared to the permissions that the POCO Launcher (Calendar, Location, Phone, and Storage) requests.

    (Also I’m talking about the POCO Launcher from the Play Store. I don’t know if it requests such permissions on the actual Pocophone. And either way, you can deny most of the permissions and the POCO Launcher works fine)

  2. Maybe Miui 10 will be Mint UI or something? They did say there would be a larger UI redesign coming.

    Exciting to see either way! I think Miui 10 is already one of the best looking skins visually.

  3. Mint Browser also exists 🤔

    What’s going on here Xiaomi? Maybe a better UI for the western market where apps aren’t killed or have to be babied to stay in the background

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