Meilleur compact téléphone pour la photographie en lumière faible (What’s up avec l’amazi…

Best compact phone for low light photography (What’s up with the amazing XZ2C GSM Arena test photos)

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

je fais partie de la minorité qui détestent les gros téléphones intelligents (également connu sous le nom modernes) comme je l’avais beaucoup préfère être en mesure d’adapter le téléphone à l’intérieur des poches de jeans sans craindre pour s’asseoir en bas que de regarder un écran géant. Cependant, j’ai besoin aussi des photo de bonne qualité, et ces deux critères sont difficiles à trouver dans un seul paquet. Bien sûr, obtient 3 Pixel fait l’éloge de son appareil photo et S10e est probablement le plus petit téléphone avec plusieurs caméras arrière et spécifications comme phare, mais je ne considérerais pas ces pactes. Ceux-ci sont les seuls choix pour quelqu’un comme moi ?

Un seul téléphone curieux est le Sony XZ2 Compact qui j’ai rejeté dans le passé (propriétaire Sony X Compact qui offre une expérience beaucoup mieux que certains des téléphones Samsung Galaxy S que j’ai possédé) que je n’aimais pas choix de conception de Sony (épaisseur, capteur d’empreintes digitales arrière ). Cependant, j’ai tendance à utiliser l’outil de comparaison de GSM Arena beaucoup et tandis que dans les revues les Compacts Sony se mêler habituellement vos commentaires concernant la qualité photo, photos de test de GSM Arena de XZ2C semblent être beaucoup plus précis et mieux que, disons, les photos de test de 3 pixels. Je veux dire de jeter un oeil à [this.]( coup d’oeil à faibles résultats de lumière et de regarder de plus près aux lettres dans le billet de cinq dollars, la carte et même les filets de l’âne (sur le droit). Comparé au Pixel 3 et S10e, seulement XZ2C offre lettres nettes et lisibles.

Toutes les pensées ?

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  1. In steady hands it is better (auto mode with scene detection but this also kinda « cheats » the test) but it lacks in HDR capabilities due to method it uses. If you look at shutter speed it is using 1/8s which means you need to hold your hands steady as it lacks OIS and moving objects must move slowly else they introduce ghosting. S10 and Pixel 3 has 1/25s with OIS which means you can almost have parkinsons and photos would still come out pristine (XZ2 Compact would produce a blurry mess) and objects can move much faster without introducing ghosting or just minimal ghosting.


    Due to XZ2 Compacts slow shutterspeed (takes in more light the slower it is) it can also use ISO 200 which is half what S10e uses (ISO 400) which means less noise and more detail vs ISO 400. If S10e would lower ISO to 200 it would look much more detailed and could still use 1/12s shutterspeed and with OIS would be far superior to XZ2 Compact with hand movement/shaking. The Pixel 3 ISO is harder to get a grip on as it doesn’t display real ISO but rather multi-frame ISO (could be « 4×150 » or « 2×300 » esque) and is veery sensitive to movement for aligning multi-frame pixel information so it looks better in comparision than it would in your hand (GSM Arena puts them on a tripod for the test).


    In that comparision the S10e could have used ISO 100 and 1/6s shutterspeed since the OIS allows for clean photos with slight to moderately handmovement at down to 1/4s. It would be superior to the XZ2 Compact photo. XZ2 Compact would need a camera tripod to do ISO 100 with 1/4s shutterspeed else you would get an excessively blurry photo 9/10 times.

  2. Just a warning, it doesn’t really matter what these tests can show in their controlled conditions, the camera on most sonys have been terrible in real world use. Slow to open, slow to take photos, and blurry unless everything is held perfectly still for like a second after you press the shutter button.

  3. You make a good point about the effect of OIS. Most likely GSM Arena shoots their tests with a tripod or some other way of steadier photography than what your average person would when shooting pics on the fly. Howevever, ‘potato quality’ might be taking it too far considering the test pics of XZ2C are hands-down better than most of the bigger and even newer phones. Just look at them, for goodness sake.


    There is a reason why I wrote to r/Android. While I would still buy an iPad and while I (until recently) owned an iMac, I never wanted to buy an iPhone. iOS does not impress me and I guess I’ve always considered iPhone to be Apple’s one product category where the price doesn’t meet the performance when compared to the competition. I might be biased, though, because while most of my friends do not have iPhones, I still know a lot more people with shattered iPhones than people with shattered Android smart phones. Moreover, even since Steve died, I feel like Apple is becoming more and more about high prices with minor improvements than innovation at competitive prices for what you get.


    Anyway, the OIS aspect got me interested in S10e again. Not that I was considering getting XZ2C (even at my native lower-than-US prices) but I was puzzled by how the GSM Arena test pics of that phone were so much more sharper than the competition.

  4. That is a great comparison you posted. I appears some of the additional sharpness is due to the higher MP count on the Sony.

    One thing missing from GSMArenas comparison tool is Night Sight. Ever since it has come out, I use it almost all the time except in portrait shots or fast moving shots. It has higher detail and less noise compared to standard HDR+. In anything where light is not perfect, night sight will either be brighter and more detail, or lower noise, or both.


    Here is a comparison in a day time shot of a building I did a few months back. This is a small example and I have found most cases the differences can be even larger if the light is lower.

    [HDR+]( vs [Night Sight](


    Edit: Formatting, links.

  5. iPhone 8 was our last sub 5 inch flagship and even that was too big tbh. The next best thing is the Pixel 3. The xz2c is a potato quality camera, especially if you want to do ANY video at all(videos look like theyre taken underwater due to EIS). Plus it lacks any kind of heatsink for the cpu so you can only get a few minutes of video before it overheats anyways.

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