Magisk Manager refonte [Unofficial]

Magisk Manager refonte [Unofficial]

Magisk Manager Redesign [Unofficial]

je viens de terminer un aperçu de la refonte de Magisk que je suis en train.

Pour ceux qui ne savent pas ce qui est Magisk, il est actuellement meilleure méthode de la racine systemless d’aller !

Captures d’écran :

[]( télécharger l’apk aperçu :

[]( XDA :


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14 réflexions au sujet de “Magisk Manager refonte [Unofficial]”

  1. 1. Taps post;
    2. Looks for screenshots. No screenshots;
    3. Sees « XDA » link. Clicks link;
    4. Looks for screenshots. No screenshots;
    5. Sees « hxxps » link to Google Drive;
    6. Fxxk that sxxt.

  2. The UI look nice but the UX side is falling apart. It look too busy with two scrolling direction in one screen, and square boxes are not providing enough space for informations. For an app not intended for daily use, heavy use of icon without text making it harder to know which button do what.

  3. > Hi i just install the app on my rooted pixel 1gen running android Q i like the design but i dont know why i cant see the modules and should i uninstall the original magisk app ?

    Actual comment from the XDA thread.

    Dear Lord, people are incredibly stupid.

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