41 réflexions au sujet de “Ma soeur avec le Syndrome de Down et j’ai eu à visiter Disney Land et Gaston…”

  1. Good Guy Gaston. I feel like thats breaking character but I dont even care. She just looks so out of it till he does that then her whole world lights up. Thats what the park should be about. Also that guy totally looks like a young John Travolta.

  2. Disney world/land is so crazy expensive, but it’s things like this that remind you why… The level of service is beyond amazing. Truly worth every penny.

    This is absolutely adorable BTW.

  3. I too have a sister with Down Syndrome and I love this video. It’s so refreshing to know there are such good-spirited people wanting the best for those with special needs.

  4. That’s so utterly sweet. It’s great to see that actor doing something that so positively impacts that girl. I would be so happy to get that opportunity.

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