LG ont été si proche cette année

LG were so close this year

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

The G8 est sans aucun doute le plus innovateur phare qui sortira en Q1. Ils, cependant se laisser tomber en optant pour un cran–considéré comme un concept daté–plutôt que d’aller d’une perforatrice. S’ils ont obtenu le langage de conception droite et disparu pour le trou de coup de poing, les critiques au sujet de leur conception auraient été subjectifs. En outre, sans plate-forme prend en charge leur système mains-libres, il est probable qu’on se souvienne comme un gadget. C’est une honte, car c’est quelque chose d’excitant à jouer avec et la chose de son écran est très probablement dans tous les téléphones dans un an ou deux.

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  1. In what ways do you feel it’s innovative? The hand gestures?

    I lost faith in LG sticking with something when they gave up their module system after telling the public they would commit to it.

    They’ll never get the software/air gestures refined enough to actually be useful and it’ll go away in a year or two just like the modules, just like the secondary screen, etc.

  2. LG makes decent phones, and the quad DAC is a selling point for some of us.
    However it seems like Samsung just keeps ahead of them. Slightly better screen, software, hardware, for roughly the same price.

  3. Correct me if im wrong but a hole punch design cant give you 3d sensors. Didnt they introduced something like VeinID and hand gestures? I think they need those sensors to fit in that notch to use those gimmicks. What they could have done is reducing the bezels on the left and right side of the notch and on the bottom to give us a more cleaner look. Its sad that they, even though they produce OLED, cant make the bezels a lot slimmer. If they use a notch then they should use that to full potential of course. Secure 3D unlocking, ToF, Wide Angle Camera are nice to have.

  4. Regardless of the usefulness of hands-free gestures and vein ID, they’ve included real 3D face unlock in that notch, which you can’t cram into a water drop at this point.

    Given you can hide the notch in software, it doesn’t personally bother me – same deal as Mate 20 Pro. In-display fingerprint scanners are rubbish and I’ll take a notch with 3D face unlock over those. Keeping the capacitive scanner on the back is a bonus.

    The question is whether a larger notch vs. a smaller notch is a negative in actual purchasing behaviour rather than just tech press and enthusiast debate. Considering the Mate 20 with waterdrop vs. the Mate 20 Pro with regular flavour notch still resulted in massively more sales of the Pro, I wouldn’t write off this particular comparison just yet. People aren’t as picky about notches in practice as you’d think.

  5. dont hold your breath for LG. they continually under deliver. ive owned a G2, G5, and G6 and every time there have been issues. I have learned to live with each devices quirks as ive picked each device up for cheap used. I liken LG phones right now to AMD graphics cards as of late. They simply cant keep up with the competition so they target the middle market.

  6. They weren’t. Let’s be honest here. LG, HTC, and Motorola are all companies that as the years go on, are no longer relevant. Every year, another disappointment. Those 3 can’t even compete with OnePlus right now. I’m not saying this as a OnePlus fan, I haven’t owned one since the very first OnePlus One came out. Samsung continues to dominate the Android world. Google is relevant for fast updates, stock android, and a great camera. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to be that way. HTC was very close to nailing it with the M7, M8, M9s, Motorola makes a good product, but falls behind in the camera department and sometimes specs. LG was in Samsung’s shadow for awhile, than fell far behind.

  7. >The G8 is undoubtedly the most innovative flagship to be released in Q1


    >They, however let themselves down by opting for a notch — seen as a dated design concept — rather than going for a hole punch.

    Also what?

    >, it’s likely to be remembered as a gimmick.

    Well it is a gimmick and from the reviews I’ve seen one that doesn’t work super well.


  8. Wait for the inevitable fire sale. It’s the definition of a competent phone. Honestly, given how awfully unreliable many prior LG devices have been, I put them firmly near the bottom of the list.

  9. >Had they have got the design language right and gone for the hole punch, the criticisms regarding their design would’ve been subjective

    whereas the criticism regarding notches is objective truth?

  10. The thing with LG is they are not Samsung. LG will push work in development innovations in it’s beta stages to their flagships, since those are beta innovations they haven’t been refined to be practical and can be very buggy. With Samsung they start their beta innovative ideas first on their mid rangers or budget phones, then refine it to being practical in their flagships. While on paper LG sounds like they are ahead of the pack, they bounce around innovative ideas in their $700-$1000 phones and forget about it. You are not buying a finished product, but a beta project, and if anything goes wrong you burned close to $1k for a beta experience instead of a refined flagship experience

  11. Definitely not the most innovative. There isn’t a ton to compete against, but what about Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi9, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X…? The palm stuff is very gimmicky imo and did not work well at demo (could be fixed I know). And, LG did not improve their horrible software history and other issues when all of the competition are doing something more. And, the cameras honestly don’t even really rank for me. At least the G8 is a good implementation of OLED now.

  12. Why are people praising the punch hole so much over the notch? It’s the same fricking thing. it’s an intrusion and it hides your content. Add to that, if you want to hide the punch hole with a black bar it would take much more screen real estate than it would’ve with a notch, making it WORSE than a notch.

  13. LG has been let down for a while now.

    Yet, for the folks looking for a budget flagship, it’s funny that the G8 could be considered, along with a poco phone at its poco price, by Summer time.

  14. LG has been in the shadow of Samsung for so long. At this point I think its pretty clear they cannot make a better phone. LG needs to accept that and move on to the next front- pricing. If LG undercut Samsung on pricing at launches, there would be a lot more people at least willing to try LG.

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