Les serveurs de Google Allo ont fermés

Google Allo servers have shut down

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

tout s’est passé, pensé que je voudrais mettre à jour vous

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  1. Is there a new Google messaging app besides Android Messages or have they just given up at this point? Not that using Android Messages is giving up, but they usually try to make some sort of attempt at striking lightning with a messaging platform.

  2. our local gigabit ISP’s name is Allo, and hopefully this will end the momentary, slight confusion every time i see an ‘allo’ headline

  3. Pouring one out for all of the apologists here that argued with me when Allo launched. The ones that would tell me I am stupid for doubting Allo, and that it’s only just begun and will get much better and to just trust in Google.

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