Les anciens propriétaires de la note 4 ?

Any previous note 4 owners?

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

la note 4 est mon téléphone préféré je jamais ai possédé, il avait beaucoup de trucs pour elle, mais quand je pense combien il a été emballé dedans, c’est fou.

1440p affichage et OLED cardiofréquencemètre et capteur UV batterie amovible stockage IR Blaster Fast charge NFC 4K et 1080p60fps, assez nouveau pour la fois d’un pixel et je reçois le S10E aujourd’hui, alors j’espère qu’il va être génial !

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  1. Hardware: Note 4 was superb, having the perfect blend of solidity (metal frame) and expandability (plastic, removable back that was textured so it looked great).

    Software…oof. I liked mine on 4.4 but when 5.0 released I dropped that thing like a bad habit because Lolli absolutely *destroyed* that poor phone. Not sure if it ever got better. Also the GPS on mine was a bit…wonky.

  2. I’ve had a Note 4 for 4.5 years after which I retired it and got a S8+.

    I’ve since then replaced the battery, rooted it and use it these days for PUBG. End of story.

  3. 2014 Note 4: Quick Charge 2.0

    2019 S10: Quick Charge 2.0

    c’mon Samsung figure it out, if Qualcomm qc 3.0+ not compatible with exynos chips, just make your own

  4. Hardware was great except for that EMMC issue that killed my Note 4. Software though, oof that was a rough time during the height of the TouchWiz era. I’m glad Samsung software is so much better now.

  5. My Note 4 after 3 years started having the memory/flash error, was able to back it up before it died and ended up with my current S8+.

    I miss my Note. 🙁

  6. I loved the design of the Note4. For years it was my favourite Samsung phone design. Incredible materials. Great screen and camera.

    The Exynos version had terrible battery life and the software was pretty dire at the time. So poorly optimised for larger screens. They stripped out some of the genuinely useful Note III features in the process. I was so frustrated with Samsung making big screens and not optimising for the form factor themselves. They even had a 4×4 grid in the stock launcher.

    It was enough for me to give Apple a shot since they’d just made a phone big enough for me. The 6 Plus was great, but didn’t have enough RAM, and iOS 8 was buggy. Oh, I thought, iOS devs will totally optimise for big screens, just look at the iPad! Yeah, not so much, the benefits to devs of optimising for 6 Plus were minimal and it took years. By which point we’d been through 6s Plus (faster, more RAM, worse motion freezing in the camera, worse battery life) and 7 Plus (great until iOS 11 crippled it for months).

    The Note 5 was disappointing, the Note 7 was ok until all that business played out, the Note 8 was nice aside from scanner location + smaller battery than S8+, Note 9 a big chunky box & not worth considering in Exynos. Now we’re dealing with regressive in-screen fingerprint scanners and Samsung have yet to implement real 3D face unlock, so it’ll probably still be a way off of me daily driving a Note again. Shame, the Note II and III were some of the best phones I’ve ever used.

  7. Still have it till this day, it’s still functional and without a doubt one of the most feature filled phones of it’s time. The transition from 3.0 to microusb 2.0 was really weird though.

  8. I love my Note 4, although I certainly wouldn’t refuse to try a higher version of Note, but I’m happy with what I have, because since Windows Mobile 6.1 I don’t imagine a smartphone without a stylus (although I have “Zoo devices”) 😉
    Until the last, I refused to switch to something from my HTC Touch HD, but one day, fate gave me a wonderful offer on Note 3 and I realized that Android in general is not so bad :D, and after the release of Note 5 I managed to successfully purchase Note 4 and both of them are still with me (although Note 3 unfortunately stopped seeing SIM cards)

    (written via Google-translation)

  9. Note 4 is still one of my favorite phones ever.
    I’ve also owned the Note 7 and still use Note 8 as my daily. Note 9 is on my radar because of the 512GB version and the « classic » screen.

    I’d probably still use my Note 4 if it had more than 32GB internal storage and got upgraded to Android N.

  10. My Exynos Note 4 had this horrible lag switching between apps once in use for a period of time. Stock or custom roms, tried them all. Not really that much fond memories of it. But the hardware was certainly good, even by today’s standards.

  11. Used the note 4 extensively and had an extra battery pack to charge it directly instead of thru the phone. Worked great for years until both batteries turned to crap. Display is still pretty amazing for such an old phone. Heat is a major problem tho probably due to the exhausted motherboard and whatever cooling.

  12. I loved the note 4 design. Note 2 was my favorite of the notes tho. Especially for it’s time, awesome. The note series is what got me in to bigger phones.

  13. I am still rocking the Note 4!!! I feel guilty that I have an S10+ coming in the mail but I really need to get a new phone immediately. I’m definitely going to miss a lot of things about it.

  14. Former Note 4 Snapdragon 80x owner here. It was perhaps one of the best phones I’ve ever owned. Mine lasted me years before the infamous e_mmc error hardware issue rendered it useless. I guess the on board ram chips were low end affairs as Sammy did tend to use cheaper components on their tablets back then.

    The Note 4 was a solid workhorse. An excellent screen, combined with a rock solid build meant that it handled jobs with ease, even with a bloaty version of touch wiz. Granted the speaker was garbage as well as the fingerprint sensor but it did virtually everything really well – and smoothly o matter what the load. Roms as I recall were superb if you could find a good one.

    The stylus was excellent and removable battery was a godsend when the stock battery became depleted. I eventually gave mine to my father who immediately fell in love with using the stylus to navigate the on screen elements of any app.

    The camera was superb for its day, though Samsung’s aggressive sharpening algorithms were quite evident in low light shots. Video capture was so solid though.

    I still miss the device to this day. I ended up replacing it with the Nexus 6P after the e_mmc errors hit me.

  15. Mine is still working with no issues, except for the battery which I had replaced a couple of times. No problem, it’s cheap and it’s removable. Work gave me an iPhone so I retained it as my personal phone, until this year when I got the Note 9.

    Note 4 is still working fine though and will give it to a niece who loves to draw.

  16. I still should have it if I didn’t lose it one January night. Now this thread made me sad for my lost note. :c

    Dropped that heck of a phone countless of times from various heights but never cracked… Meanwhile my Pocophone cracked in a single drop.

  17. I’m still rocking a Note 4. I’m reluctant to upgrade simply because being able to swap my battery and go from 0 to 100% in under 20 seconds is amazing.

    I know I’ll eventually have to move on as my phone is slowing down, the camera isn’t the best, the storage isn’t enough, and eventually my phone will be just be so god damned old. But until then I’ve loved using this phone.

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