Lecteurs d’empreintes digitales en affichage de minable ruinent les nouveaux téléphones

Lecteurs d’empreintes digitales en affichage de minable ruinent les nouveaux téléphones

Crummy in-display fingerprint readers are ruining new phones

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

minable dans affichage lecteurs d’empreintes digitales ruinent les nouveaux téléphones

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  1. The s10 fingerprint sensor either works great for you or awful. I think it mostly has to do with if your fingers are typically dry or not. I work outdoors and with dry hands it was awful for me.

  2. I programmed both of my thumbs twice and recognition hasn’t been an issue. The issue is that since I can’t see or feel for the sensor, I don’t get the correct placement from time to time. But it’s getting better by the day.

  3. One mistake is they display a wide and vertically tall fingerprint icon at the touch point when the sensor is a thin and horizontal strip.

    I think if the icon was altered to highlight the shape of the sensor then people would have better luck registering fingerprints and unlocking effectively.

    After using it a while and having a fair amount of misses I registered two thumbprints, one holding it normally, and another with it on a table sitting a bit off to the side of my dominant hand so I had to reach to the side for it.

    Once I did this my sloppy grabs almost never fail the scan, and it feels on par with my S8 sensor now.

  4. ITT: people making compromises and excuses for a $1000+ no compromises phone

    The tech just isn’t there yet. The fact that I can’t use a glass screen protector is a dealbreaker. I’m not going to cover my phone in plastic like it’s 2007 to prevent microscratches.

    Gimme a scanner on the back, hell none at all if you’re that pressed for space.

  5. I think what they are missing is that a majority of people prefer the fingerprint reader on the front of their phone, either out of habit or just personal preference. I don’t disagree that the reader on the S10 isn’t as fast or accurate as a traditional scanner but I am okay with this sacrafice to be able to get it on the front of my phone without giving up the near edge to edge display I also want to have.

    In regards to face unlocking I am sure like with the original fingerprint scanners manufactures are waiting on Google to build support for it into Android which is likely coming with Android Q. While some manufacturers tried implementing fingerprint readers before Google added support in Marshmallow they weren’t very good implementations as it really needed to be done from an OS level. At least we know Q is right around the corner for those wanting a secure face unlock option rolling across the Android phone space.

  6. S10e power button finger print reader with the swipe down for notifications is where it’s at imo.

    Underscreen is cool but honestly a bit of a gimmick. I don’t see any benefit to it over a side mounted power button fingerprint reader.

    Hmm… okay maybe 2 reasons: Rugged cases that would cover the button, and left handed use.

    Honestly though, why is 1 fingerprint reader always the way? I guess for cost savings but hell, give us both! I mean these phones are already overpriced and supposed to have a stupid amount of features. Stuff like that is what would make me feel like I’m actually paying for a no compromises device. Might actually help me justify the silly pricetags.

  7. I feel like everyone around me is crazy. The S10+ sensor has worked flawlessly for me. Within a couple days i had the positioning down and i could pull it from my pocket and have it unlocked by the time i had it to my face 100% of the time… I get a similar amount of failures as i did on capacitive rear mounted sensors (that is to say, almost none), with the added benefit of it works when my fingers are wet (an advantage i’ve enjoyed multiple times already).

    I don’t want to dismiss ther peoples problems as you’re doing it wrong… But i have to say, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong. This sensor has been an absolute joy for me.

  8. If they are going to include an in display fingerprint reader why not let us have one on the back as well? Atleast that one will be reliable. For old tlmes sake. Double the fun

  9. I wouldn’t give up on them yet my Honor 10’s ultrasonic was also very hit and miss when I first got the phone a few updates later it’s become as fast as any other one.

    I think they also had it slowly learn your finger more every time you use it so it’s went from an annoyance to actually pretty fast and reliable.

  10. I think the 3D face scanners are the way to go. All I have to do is pick my Mate 20 Pro up and it’ll immediately recognise my face and unlock. I prefer it to the finger print scanner on my old s7

  11. With the s10 I haven’t had issues. You have to take your time with scanning in your prints. Most of the people griping seem to be pressing to hard or not hitting the right area. Once you memorize the spot and touch lightly it is very accurate and quick

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