Le vrai problème avec le Pixel

The real problem with the Pixel

on parle de logiciel, le matériel, le prix, la qualité de construction. Ce ne sont pas le plus gros problème. Le plus gros problème avec le Pixel est l’Amérique. Ou plus précisément le fait que le point de vente pour le Pixel est les fonctionnalités du logiciel, il ajoute. Le matériel n’est pas extraordinaire et le prix n’est pas grand. Mais il a vendu et commercialisés sur des fonctionnalités telles que les fonctionnalités de l’assistant et le duplex etc.. Mais si vous ne vivez pas en Amérique, vous verrez ces choses dans les démonstrations de produits, commander le téléphone et découvrir que toutes ces caractéristiques de fantaisie logiciels ne fonctionnent pas dans votre région. Et maintenant vous vous retrouvez avec un appareil coûteux, avec le matériel médiocre qui est paralysé par le verrouillage de la fonction régionale. Je me rends compte de l’américain marché est important. Mais il y a un autre peuple 6,7 milliards là-bas en dehors des États-Unis. Si Google a vraiment envie de commercialiser leurs appareils basés sur ces caractéristiques qu’ils doivent être mondiales disponibles dans toutes les régions. Même les mises à jour rapides perdent leur valeur si vous obtenez la mise à jour moins les nouvelles fonctionnalités.

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  1. the real problem with the pixel is that it puts google in a position of having to make a hardware product stand out when its only strength is software. it creates a conflict of interest forcing google to neglect android to create pixel-exclusive features

  2. As a Pixel owner, I have some input to add here:

    First of all, you’re not fully wrong. Pixels aren’t cheap and don’t deliver on everything. I’ve never gotten the chance to use duplex.

    However, the hardware is not really mediocre, as it has basically the same specs as every other flagship, minus a few which have the slightly improved Snapdragon 855 over the 845. Also, I think most of us can agree that the main selling point of the Pixels is camera performance. I have yet to use a phone that has a better camera than the newer Pixels, and still few that beat the original Pixel from 2016.

    Another big feature of the Pixels is pure Android. No skins, and years of guaranteed software updates, immediately available when they come out, as opposed to other manufacturers. Even the Pixel from 2016 will be getting Android Q.

  3. What is funny is that I do not find Google Assistant as the selling point for Pixel phones. I have found that Google Assistant has become worse and worse as the years have gone on. I am mainly thinking about upgrading to the Pixel 3 XL from my LG G7 because of the superior camera. I don’t care about update speed, because I had a lot of problems with the Nexus 6P updates. but I’m willing to give Google another chance for their camera software. I have been using my Essential with a G Cam port and I have been very impressed with the software.

  4. Yes they could but the are focused on the us market. It sucks but then other brands cater to you more. I don’t know where you are based but for example:
    Huawei and Xiaomi have retail presence in Europe and Asia of course and sell phones that won’t work well in the USA. Motorola sell phones in Europe and elsewhere not released in the USA. Oneplus does trade ins outside the USA. Apple sell proper dual sim phones in hong kong. All catering to local markets.

    Remember too that the pixel line is less than 3 years old. So time may see further expansion. Yes I know they had nexus before that but are going in a different direction with the pixels.

    One problem might be that you are viewing non country specific advertising or us advertising or us product launches. You might want to find a tech blog or site that is based in your location for localised news and product info. Or just accept that google will never cater to your country and look elsewhere if these missing features matter.

  5. Biggest prob I see is Google charging Apple-premium prices for a stripped down vanilla phone. Ok, they added Qi charging and the camera is great. But lots of phones have great cameras. LgG7 or Samsung s10e are better phones for less, have more features and IMO, better design.

  6. What product demos? Google doesn’t advertise features to people who can’t access them. The only people outside of the US who know about Duplex, etc, are those who specifically pay attention to tech news, and that’s a tiny, tiny segment of the market.

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