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  1. Basically cab is heavy so it takes alot to move it, as long as you can keep from maxing out suspension on landing it does it’s job, same thing with your daily driven car but on a much smaller scale, your honda Civic has what about 3″ of travel up so when your flying down the road you don’t notice the small bumps and stuff that much, but yet bigger things like pot holes are still bumpy… The main science behind your clip is how percise the shocks are, the truck in your clip has alot softer shocks than you Civic to absorb more of the rough terrain however it sacrifices being able to through it through corners… For I assume modern race trucks have some way the driver can adjust stiffness of the shocks…

    Also I should say I don’t know alot about these trucks but I do build suspension for some of my projects so I understand the basics, I just don’t know the whole picture or the amount of technology and research to get to this point, but I’m sure it cost a pretty penny to fine tune this well and it is impressive

    Edit: If I would have known this was going to block up this much I would have actually taken the time to go into a little more detail but last night I was just spending a few minutes on Reddit before bed… I am not going to take the time to read all the comments but I did spot read a few and yes I dumbed it down alot and left alot out but I tried to at least cross the main theory, I didn’t go measure suspension movement on a Civic I just used it as an example

    Also who ever thought this deserved silver I’m sorry you wasted that since I don’t feel I deserved it but I do appreciate it even if I don’t get the point of it

    Edit2: and yes I forgot about sway bars for cornering for some reason… Probably had to do with work too many hours lately and not sleeping near enough and for the Grammer Nazis, none of my teachers could fix me so your not going to either

  2. The video has already been stabilised, focusing on the body of the truck. While these trucks do have amazing suspension, with the extreme, undulating surface like that there should be some body roll and pitching movement, but the way it floats along in the video without any of that body movement is a giveaway that there’s already video stablisation going on here. These trucks are heavy and when the surface you’re driving on drops away, the truck does not float through the air like that, it drops. Hard. That’s why the suspension on these things is so full-on.

    If you want to see what this would actually look like without the stablised video, check out [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSWHaL_Hmj8) or [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=59&v=AQlQSPSf4XY), or just search for baja truck suspension on youtube.

  3. it always amazes me how such a heavy suspension system (4-link I presume) can react to bumps so quickly while the body stays perfectly still… I used to play tons of different physics based sandbox games where you can experiment with suspensions and never have I found a way to make a car handle this way over rough terrain. I tried to replicate rallye cars’ independent suspension, with tons of travel, droop, non-progressive springs and low damping force and it still didn’t work. I have no idea what I am doing wrong or how to fix it.

  4. What are these trucks called?? I once saw a street/track rally with these (no dirt) and they had jumps and stuff, and it was awesome!

    Can’t find the movie 😑

  5. Man, I would imagine heat becomes a major problem for these shocks taking that kind of sustained abuse. Wouldn’t the oil heat up and cause the shocks to be less effective?

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