Le meilleur téléphone que vous possédiez et pourquoi

The Best Phone you owned and Why

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

envie d’entendre ce que tout le monde est le favori téléphone est et pourquoi. Mines est le Galaxy S8 les comme il a été le téléphone plus fiable que j’ai apprécié l’aide de tous les jours et les plus fiables et seulement de téléphone qui a réussi à survivre à un contrat de 2 ans car malheureusement nous avons encore des contrats au Canada. Va être mise à niveau vers le prochain téléphone remarque quand il sortira !

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  1. The original HTC One was amazing. Nice screen, speakers, speed. But most of all it was the design. The slight curve to the back made it seem even thinner than it was. Small bezels, especially on the sides. All metal. Felt very premium at a time when other phones didn’t. That was a top tier phone. I found my one HTC One recently and it actually really surprised me how nice it still felt and looked. Pretty snappy performance too for some reason. I don’t know if there is a conspiracy theory as to why phones slow down so much now.

    Current Pixel 2 XL still feels nice. I’d probably buy a 2 XL all over again now even though it’s a year old.

  2. LG G2, it was a wonderful phone, had a Z5 after the only upside was the water resistance, but otherwise the G2 was so much more refined. My current mate 10 Pro is finally able to fill the hole left by the G2, but man that thing was a beast.

  3. LG V30.

    * Amazing battery life
    * Incredibly thin, light, ergonomic design
    * Advanced, directional haptic feedback that makes typing a dream & is integrated throughout the UI
    * Wide-angle camera with fantastic manual controls
    * Double tap to sleep/wake
    * Headphone jack with Quad DAC
    * Loads of nice software touches like seven-icon dock & awesome AoD options

    All prior LG devices had been close but suffered some crippling flaw for my use-case. V30 nailed *everything* & finally dethroned the mighty HTC HD2 to become my favourite phone – tried every major 2018 flagship & still missed the V30, kept returning to it as some of those features can’t be easily replicated. Have just switched to the V40, it’s good to be back.

  4. Note 4. I’m still using it to this day, which is like 5 years worth of use. Still on original battery getting 2 hours SOT lol.

    It’s literally missing no features. Has a 1440p screen which many flagships are missing even today. No burn-in either, although I am on min brightness 90% of the time. Even has an infra-red blaster which I find incredibly useful. Shame modern phones don’t include this anymore.

    I have the exynos version which back in those days was superior to the Snapdragon equivalent.

  5. Galaxy S8. It still works great and has a bunch of awesome features. Although every phone I had before it was an iPhone so… Not really much competition.

  6. 6p, had everything I needed. Took a while to open chrome in the end and the battery would turn off at 10% so I returned it for warranty and got my money back. Money well (I mean not) spend.

  7. Note 9. Liked how it looks, phenomenal battery life, snappy, only complaint is the camera isn’t as great as it can be. Still a great camera. Best phone I’ve owned and got it for $650 like a month after launch.

  8. Samsung Galaxy S5.

    April 11th 2019 will be the 5 year milestone. Only a month away. No lag or significant problems. Has only cost me 600 and 40 for the 2nd battery. I have disabled google play auto updates and removed bloat with ADB. Things I cant do are play demanding games and have 20 tabs open without refresh. Water resistance is still good. If I ever replace I want repairability like the fairphone 2. Good high end hardware and a open device.

  9. Moto X first generation (it was 2013 I think)

    Perfect phone size, good internals, amazing features for that year (kind of always on display) and it was cheap

  10. Xperia XZ3:
    – amazing OLED display,
    – great SW optimization (gets faster with monthly updates),
    – near stock Android (with nice features like double-tap to wake, night light, etc.)
    – front-facing speakers,
    – decent battery life,
    – superb build quality,
    – fast updates,
    – sleek and beautiful,
    – awesome camera (+dedicated button) with super slow motion,
    – dust and water resistant,
    – fast and simple 3D scanner,
    – PS4 remote,
    – price.

  11. Nexus 5x, the camera was 2 years ahead of it’s time and the honestly I miss the small light weight plastic phones. It wasn’t crazy fast or anything, but it was also dirt cheap and worked super well. Google had a good thing going with the last generation of Nexus devices.

  12. OnePlus One. Got it shortly after it released and it lasted me until a few months ago- I think that’s over 4 years. Great development, learned a lot about custom ROMs and kernels. Never put a case on it, just a glass screen protector and it was perfect.

  13. The note 3 is probably the best android phone of all time. The IR blaster was so lit like i always used to prank the teacher by turning off the projector all the time. Also the phone could basically run any game even modern ones today and finally the custom rom development is amazing like i managed to use oreo on my note 3 and it was actually stable with no lag. I had issues with the battery but I just bought a cheap battery and replaced it which would have cost much more if it had a non removable back.

  14. LG V30 hands down. It had everything a heart would desire: a super-crisp Quad HD display, a headphone jack, IP68, quad DAC (such an amazing feature), and a good camera (stock cam was decent but GCam ports by CStark and others took it to the next level). And the battery? « Only » 3300mAh but man, it lasted long.

  15. The original first gen Moto G, that thing was way ahead of the game in terms of what you got for a midrange phone and it was unbelievably reliable. Ended up with the screen smashed and bits that fell off of it, the touchscreen didn’t work when it was cold and I had to turn it sideways to type, but it still worked. That thing lasted me 4 years before I « upgraded » to a Cubot Dinosaur, then to the X18 and vowed against cheap phones with a yearly upgrade cycle again. After that, moved to the Redmi 5 Plus which was incredible, but came into some funds in my last job and decided to treat myself to the Mi Mix 3 and honestly no complaints at all so far, after a month, it’s competing with that little Moto for the best phone I’ve owned and I’ll be holding onto this for years. So unbelievably fast, smooth UI, especially with Nova Launcher and the battery is much better than it should be, especially with everything turned to true black with the AMOLED screen.

  16. The Nokia 3310.
    Because, 19 years later, it still works.
    And I’m not even joking.

    As for smartphones… Probably the S7. It was the only smartphone I didn’t replace after 1 year (or less). It lasted me two full years, I replaced it with the S9 in March last year, went back to it in December when I got fed up with the size and fingerprint placement of the S9 and I’m still using it… Even though I got the S10e last thursday.
    And thanks to Samsung’s stupid decision to block rootless Substratum on the Pie version of the S10, I’ll continue to use the S7 until I can root the S10e.
    So I’d say the S7 has won my affection for being so damn reliable and good even after 3 years.

  17. for sure the nexus 4, it was above its time in everything but also a perfect dev device as well, huge active modding community even now.

    however regarding the build quality and hardware in general i think s6edge ane then s7 edge really set the bar up. i can tell the same for s8 and s9 as well.. really well made phones that change the feel of holding some well made tech in your hands

  18. Nexus 6. Was such a champ of a phone and did everything I needed without causing me a single problem. It lasted until the charging port crapped out.

  19. iPhone 4. Thing was an absolute unit, lost count how many times I threw it and it survived. Funny enough the only scuff it has is from when I dropped it when I first got it.

  20. My favorite phone would be the Galaxy s3, it’s running Feb 2019 security patch through a custom ROM. use it as a secondary test phone, got it after my galaxy nexus died. Used it from 2012 launch day until 6p launch. IMO it’s one of the best android phone ever. It has a well deserved special place in my heart.

  21. My current one, the Nokia 7 Plus. It’s relatively current, getting monthly updates from Google for AndroidOne, has USB-C and NFC, which were really the only requirements I had when shopping for a new phone. Battery life is great, getting about two days a charge from moderate use. Might not be as powerful as a flagship, but I’ve never had any issues with performance.

  22. OnePlus 3. Even though it’s battery is not that great, I continue to get 5+ Hours SOT. This thing flies with a good custom ROM and a GCam. I met many nice people in the community during my time with this device.

  23. **3XL when it is working like it should.**
    Ive truly never enjoyed a phone like it. Camera. Build. Look / Feel. OS. Ticks all the boxes, even the notch.


  24. Nokia N8. It is the phone I miss the most. It really had personality, it was just different and it actually could do whatever you wanted, gorgeous design and camera and it was the best in terms of multimedia. Also the community was good back then, and Nokia Beta Labs used to release pretty neat and cool stuff. A couple of years after buying it, everything began to go downhill and eventually it lost software updates, the application store and everything network related. So sad. It was the most exciting and enjoyable phone I have ever had during its first two years, I kept using it for 3 more (replaced its battery) and it still works and is perfectly fine hardware-wise.

  25. Nokia 808.

    Camera, size, design, fm casting, best OS ever.

    Had 2 and used it until 2016. Once Whatsapp killed support, it became hard to use it, though. Not Nokia’s fault.

  26. I loved the sony z ultra and currently love my mate20x.

    Im just into big phones and i really wish samsung release a giant ass phone with flagship specs.

  27. I loved my HTC Desire HD the most. I felt like it was just better than the competitors, even tho way less popular especially where I live that HTC wasn’t even officially sold here.

    But the Nexus 6P was the most value, because I got it replaced by Google to a Pixel XL, so I haven’t bought a device since the release of the 6P in late 2015.

  28. Well, I have 2.

    HTC One M7. Great design, great speakers, very ergonomic and good in the hand. Performance wise no problems. Camera is also underrated if you’re looking at the end result. The only downside bad battery life.

    The current S8+. Still one of the best designs in the market, still a very good camera, great battery life (Still getting from 4 to 6 hours of SoT depending on the usage). Performance took a little hit with One UI update, but overall there isn’t a real reason to upgrade.

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