Le 4 de décentralisation romaric avec HavocOS est le successeur du nexus 7 que nous avons jamais…

The Xiaomi MiPad 4 with HavocOS is the nexus 7 successor that we never got and it works beautifully

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

ce poste est seulement pour les gens de techniques qui sont prêts à consacrer leur temps à un dispositif d’enracinement et clignotant une ROM personnalisé. Mais si vous êtes prêt à faire cela, vous pouvez transformer cette belle petite chose en un successeur vrai nexus 7 ou une tablette de pixel. Je suis sous os officiel havoc (une ROM custom populaire) là-dessus et il vole, les animations sont si lisses et tout fonctionne tellement bien que je ne peux pas croire à un périphérique de $ 200 peut être si gentil.

Donc, c’est juste un heads-up pour les personnes qui recherchent un appareil multimédia portable qui est parfait pour commutent ou juste des trucs occasionnels pour quand vous êtes à la maison, l’écran est très correct et il est livré avec une batterie massive, oh et un casque.

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  1. My mi pad 4 running mokee has become my best friend.we eat together, play together, watch shows together, and spend quality bedroom time together. Can’t think of a healthier relationship than the one with bae.

    rip former best friend mi max.

  2. I second this notion. I’m running some version of Pixel Experience on my Mi Pad. It was pre-unlocked when I received it, so Day 1 I went about tinkering with it. Barely spent an hour using MIUI.

    Bought it to replace my aging Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, and I really like it.

  3. tbh my nexus 7 (2013) still runs great! Having LOS 15.1 its smooth and gives me 7/8 hours sot (watching youtube videos/reddit/flamingo). Also, i did manage to test out the 9.0 roms it has to offer and despite some visual artifacts, they are « smooth »

  4. Good to hear. Mine will arrive (hopefully) tomorrow after I ordered it at Black Friday. Yes. Last November. Shipping times from China are becoming ridiculous.

  5. What’s the Android version, and security patch date?
    Also, does everything work?
    I will try it out, that thing is just eating dust in the cupboard for months.

  6. I have been ignoring Xiaomi phones since I found they require 30 days to wait to unlock the bootloader. Is it different with their tablets?

  7. Bought three for the kids at Christmas– was a little bummed that I had to tell my oldest that Fortnite wouldn’t install on it due to the wrong video card.

    But, if you’re not wholly concerned with fortnite and you don’t mind mucking with it for an hour to get everything un-chineseified enough. They are great tablets for light email & web browsing or netflix or whatever pedestrian things you want to do.

    And to be fair, it will likely handle more strenuous tasks– just not fortnite.

  8. I really wish xiaomi added a digital pencil a la iPad. I loved my n7 but it got slow and laggy and I’ve moved to an iPad pro. Between the screen speakers and the pencil for my art I can’t ask for more. Xiaomi needs to attack this. Even at $350 I’d get it.

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