La fonctionnalité qui OP veut mais r/Android ne comprendre pas

La fonctionnalité qui OP veut mais r/Android ne comprendre pas

The feature that OP wants but r/Android did not understand

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

en référence à [this post](

Voici ce à quoi ressemble un iPhone XS Max Homescreen quand verrouillé (quand je n’ai pas encore regardé l’écran pour s’authentifier auprès de visage ID :

[]( maintenant vérifier ce qu’il fait, quand je regarde le téléphone :

[Gifv]( tout ce que nous tenons est une fonctionnalité pour authentifier à l’aide d’empreintes digitales pour révéler le contenu réel de nos notifications, garder privé, sans entrer dans nos téléphones.

Je profite de mon S10 mais constamment déverrouillage et tirant notification bar quand je suis tellement habitué à la levée de mon iPhone et mes notifications vient se révéler à moi au lieu de « message de discussion nouveau clin d’oeil » il me voit et dit soudain « nouveau message de Kim » parce que le téléphone est maintenant débloqué.

Edit : Le cool, c’est vous pouvez voir la notification, y répondre, faire des mesures à ce sujet, tout ce que vous voulez. Tout en gardant le téléphone sur l’écran de serrure. Mais tiens absolument l’option, ne cherche pas à forcer cette fonctionnalité sur n’importe qui.

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  1. Thanks OP. Yes this is exactly what I was suggesting for Android. 🙏

    It works the same for Touch ID. Android phones with power buttons that double as FP sensor could wake and unlock on *touch* and go to home screen on slide up. I was suggesting some of us would really like to have the option.

    (If « Stay on lockscreen » is enabled, when unlocked, your hidden notification content becomes visible. It’s such a convenient quick glance feature.)

  2. This is cool. Could hold finger on fingerprint scanner to peak at notifications, then continue with a hard press to unlock. That way you can peak, or just straight up unlock, or both in sequence

  3. I love this feature.

    Huawei have it in combination with facial recognition. On the Mate 20 Pro, which has real 3D face unlock, it works very well.

    A few others like Meizu also have it even if they just have camera-based facial recognition.

  4. InstantFaceUnlock has that option, but it requires Xposed, and only works up to Oreo because the module doesn’t have customization options in Pie yet.

  5. They could add that easily. Iris, face and intelligent scan allows it on S9. You can choose notifications to be fully expanded too. You can also have this visible on AOD display. You can choose to show icons, summary or detailed info about notifications.

  6. « lMaO bRUh ThIs FeAtUrE iS aLrEaDy On AnDrOid I oWn A nOtE 9 aNd An IpHoNe X jUsT tUrN oN rAiSe To WaKe 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ » – some obnoxious user in that thread being willfully ignorant

  7. Own an iPhone XS and honestly I like the feature but wouldn’t like it with a fingerprint scanner. Faceid is passive, it’s meant to be unnoticeable so this works and flows well. Fingerprint scanners are active, a deliberate way to unlock the phone. I think sure it should be an option in settings, but not the default

  8. It’s not that people didn’t understand it, it’s that I bet many don’t want it. I know I hate that, if I’m unlocking my phone I want to be in it, not stuck to swipe after the fact. If I want to read the notifications then hit the lock button without pressing the fingerprint sensor

  9. Thank you for posting this. I felt like I was going fucking INSANE reading the original thread with 40+ people replying and EVERYONE missing the fuckin point completely and telling OP he was an idiot.

  10. I have a Xiaomi Mi8 with Face Unlock.In the Xiaomi forums the devs have announced they are working on making the Face Unlock feature work like it does on the iPhone. Because it is annoying when you get a notification, take a glance at the phone and it « opens » instead of just unlocking.

    Btw this « fix »/improvement is expected to be rolling out soon. I think in two/three weeks

  11. IIRC Huawei have this on a fully granular level. It can do anything from ‘immediately unlock and go past the lockscreen when it sees your face’ to ‘keep notifications hidden and still require a swipe to unlock after authentication’ with the iPhone way of doing things also being the middle ground option.

  12. My Poco currently unlocks as soon as it scans my face, I can’t even read the notification even though it is there in full text.

    They are said to be working on an option to keep the lockscreen and add a swipe up once the phone is unlocked through face unlock.

    But I would love this even more, this is how it should be.
    One of the things Apple still has worked out quite well.

  13. It’s an option I would love to have too

    Raise to wake then recognise my face then read / action my notifications rather than directing me to the home screen and swiping down etc.

    It’s awesome especially when you’re driving and you get a notification… The phone turns on you stare at it and then it shows your notifications.

  14. On my Pixel I touch the scanner and then swipe it down to bring down notifications. I guess that’s not really an option on the S10 since it has the in-display reader

  15. Back in kitkat you could configure tasker to change your lockscreen security. So if you were connected to your Wi-Fi, it would be swipe to unlock and if you weren’t, pattern or whatever you wanted. Sort of a manual Smart Lock, but it would change security screens instead of giving a lock but unlocked state.

    It stopped working after lollipop and I don’t know if it ever came back.

  16. On my S8 I just use fingerprint gestures so I can pull down notifications very quickly without touching the screen at all. Seems like a good alternative. Dunno if it’s on the S10, but the S10e certainly has it. I’m sure there’s more ways to do it like bxActions which can remap the Bixby button to pull down the notifications if the s10 doesn’t have it due to being under the glass.

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