Je suis passé à Android, après plus d’une décennie avec l’iPhone et re…

Je suis passé à Android, après plus d’une décennie avec l’iPhone et re…

I switched to Android after more than a decade with the iPhone, and retro gaming has all but ensured I’ll never go back

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

je suis passé à Android, après plus d’une décennie avec l’iPhone, et rétro gaming a assuré tout, mais que je ne vais jamais revenir

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  1. I’m finally completing Zelda: Ocarina of Time on an Nintendo 64 emulator. With an bluetooth controller, it’s awesome!

    I couldn’t read english as a child and therefor the game was hard. But I have almost saved hyrule now!

  2. I have, several times in the past, set up a handful of emulators on my mobile devices, but actually played them all of about 20 minutes. I eventually stopped bothering with it.

  3. I use an iPega 9023 with my Galaxy Tab S4 and it feels like a Nintendo Switch (the screen is way bigger and I think it has better colors). It is a very good screen with good emulators: PS1, N64, NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NDS (not 3DS), Game Cube, PSP and PS2. It is amazing.

  4. Gaming on my s8+ is *ok*. The super skinny aspect ratio makes it pretty subpar tbh. It feels much better on my switch, and even then frankly I’m underwhelmed by most games. I think I’m maybe just finally outgrowing gaming. 1000’s of hours on Rocket League on PC tho, so maybe not.

  5. Never used an iPhone but I loved Gameboy advance back in the day. Now I have every gba game ever released on my phone with save states which are amazing. Mostly I just use touch controls even if for some games they’re not the greatest (like Metroid fusion). But with some practice it’s not too bad. I do have an 8bitdo snes controller I just usually don’t always have it with me.

    I’ve played through Zelda minish cap, Link’s Awakening, link to the past, Oracle of seasons/ages, Mario kart, both fire emblems, both advance wars, both golden Suns, Metroid fusion, fan translation of Mother 1, final fantasy tactics, and a few others.

  6. I hate the grip that iMessage has on people in the US. I still use sms with family but with friends I try to get them to use Instagram because I know they are on there all day anyway. That way I can send fast and high quality stuff. I do wish people here used WhatsApp because it’s the better overall messenger. I do think that wish might come true soon because Facebook is merging it’s 3 major services. But because no one uses or trusts Facebook anymore that could flop and leave a spot open for a new service or just tighten the grip that iMessage already has. Plus I don’t appreciate when people try to put me down for having an « Android » even thought they don’t even know what phone I’m using (pixel XL, one plus 6t, Samsung) just because of the green bubble thing.

  7. The APK file is a wonderful thing, from installing non Google-approved apps, installing abandonware that is not on the play store (I’ve managed to run apps almost as old as Android itself right on my modern phone), making fan-made updates to old apps (I do this *alot*), installing games with unlimited coins, and a few things that cannot be discussed in this subreddit.

  8. This is probably just me, but does it bug anyone else that people always say « the iPhone »? Assuming he didn’t literally use a single device for 10 years, why wouldn’t he say « more than a decade with iPhones » or « more than a decade on iOS »?

  9. Switch has a lot of retro titles bundled with Nintendo online now and there’s more to come. I guess I’m not really a phone gamer so I can’t get hyped by something like that

  10. Am I challenged or something? I cannot for the life of me figure out how I buy this mini Zero controller.

    Is it because I’m on mobile? I go to shop and it’s all DIY products. I’m literally trying to buy their product and I can’t lol….

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