Je sais que tout le monde se sent Apple est condamnée, mais je me sens AR (non VR) sera hel…

I know everyone feels Apple is doomed, but I feel AR (not VR) will help them make a massive comeback. Is any Android OEM focusing on AR as well?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Apple a été en retard grand moment dans le temps de grandes innovations smartphone. Je sais que beaucoup pensent que Apple est condamnée.

Mais ce n’est pas le cas, que je me sens. Apple a décidé d’éviter VR et aller pour la capacité de l’AR. Les iPhones de 2020 sont censés avoir AR caméras.
Apple aurait également construit un casque AR.

2 Hololens de Microsoft a récemment montré que AR aura des applications industrielles massives. Si Apple réussit avec succès à créer un dispositif AR dans le smartphone lui-même, je crois que ce sera un retour massif pour Apple.

J’espère que les fabricants Android aussi font la même chose. Quelqu’un là-bas travaille sur AR ainsi ?

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  1. Apple isn’t doomed. Anyone who says so clearly has no idea as to where the company stands. They have a mountain of money, and tons of loyal fans who will still buy their products. It would take years of massive screwups ( not just lagging phone sales) to kill the company. People buy apple for their ecosystem which is still second to none.

  2. Apple doomsayers are either stock market manipulators or blind fanboys. Apple is far from doomed. Apple’s innovation in mobile (soon to be desktop) chipsets and hardware/software ecosystem says otherwise.

  3. No one feels Apple is doomed, what is this clickbait from 2011?

    People feel like Apple products are more expensive in an era where cheaper phones are more than functional and even pretty good.

    Phone like the Xiaomi Note 7 cost $200 and will be a great phone for many people so a $750 XR is less appealing.

  4. AR and VR both have their place in the world.

    In terms of AR, several OEMs are working on aspects of it. Intel, Microsoft (best so far), Magic Leap (Google owns major stake, Google, HTC, Lenovo, Qualcomm.

    And all those same groups plus Samsung and Facebook working on VR.

  5. The consumers of Apple no more buy those iPhones for ‘innovations’. The iPhone just works. That’s it’s USP, and they’re continuing to focus more on it.

  6. Mixed reality is gonna be like the future, and Google is working on their AR like Microsoft and Apple
    Neither are doomed. Unless apple doesn’t come up with a proper « innovation » cz since the iPhone 7+ I haven’t seen any real upgrade that’s worth the price

  7. Google Tango was a thing that started way back in 2014. It was shuttered in favour for their current implementation of AR in the form of ARcore. So they should have plenty of time for research in this area.

    Apple burst into the AR scene with ARkit back in 2017, which was pretty well damn good implementation. Tango was barely in the market, with only a few devices that actually supported it. It wasn’t only after Apple released ARkit, that ARcore came along.

    The thing about Apple (whether you like it or not) is that they have the most influence in setting trends within the tech space (at least for the mainstream market). Some examples include the switch from CD to USB, popularizing the use of a mouse, even adding a GUI on modern OS. More recent examples would be the fingerprint sensor and the removable of the headphone jack.

    IMO they have never really innovated, nor were they the first for most tech, but they did a damn good job at improving and implementing the existing tech then popularizing it for mainstream use.

    Regarding Apple being doomed. People said that when Steve Jobs died in 2011, yet they’re still doing pretty well. They have a shit ton of money and they still have the popularity and standing to boot. They might not be doing so well in recent years RELATIVE to how they were in the past, but that’s like saying America is doing poorly economically, but while there are still 3rd world countries out there.

  8. TBH, I think Google is in a more precarious position than Apple at least with consumers. They have a strong cloud services sector and advertising empire that funds their entire company but their consumer products don’t inspire a lot of confidence. Recent Pixel phones seem to be lacking polish, attempts to push ChromeOS have been half assed at best, the Pixel Slate was unacceptably bad, Youtube works but Google doesn’t seem to have any interest in addressing users and creator complaints about it, and recent android versions haven’t offered a lot of new features. On top of this, they have consistently failed to build messaging platforms, music streaming services, social media platforms, and other popular services that other much smaller organizations haven’t had a problem building.

    So past their well established products, I don’t have a lot of confidence in Google to successfully stay on top of the consumer market.

  9. How are people still spouting the “Apple doesn’t innovate” meme when practically all phones nowadays are iterative designs of Apple’s iPhone X from 2017?

    FaceID, chinless phones, telephoto lense powered portrait modes, ECG sensors etc… there is plenty of “innovations” coming out of Cupertino.

  10. Microsoft Hololens 2 is getting support by Firefox AR (Mozilla’s custom browser designed for AR usage).

    Meanwhile iOS still don’t even allow third party browser engines.

    Edit; and why exactly was this downvoted? Apple isn’t going to allow any AR/VR solution of theirs to be that open. Just consider the safety concerns that Apple (or the media) could freak out over if somebody failed to see something dangerous because of it.

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