Je peux juste dire que Samsung a été absolument tuer pour les las…

Can I just say that Samsung has been absolutely killing it for the last years?

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues tous les jours de manière confortable ?

honnêtement tho. Je ne veux pas faire ce post ressemble à une publicité ou quelque chose, mais je suis tellement incroyablement heureux avec la façon que Samsung se passe en ce moment.

La galaxie S6 a été assez rude, littéralement. Puis le S7 a été assez bonne, et la Note 7, bien qu’évidemment qui ne vont pas sur elle était encore un téléphone incroyable à l’époque. Mais alors la S8 est sorti et l’homme, depuis que Samsung n’a rien fait mais améliorer et parfait.

-Ils ont eu le meilleur matériel pour chaque année depuis le S8, au moins, à mon avis -ils semblent écouter leurs consommateurs, ayant gardé la prise casque et carte sd jusqu’à ce jour, entre autres choses… -… comme ayant grandement amélioré leur logiciel. Une interface utilisateur est mieux que stock dans beaucoup de manières et lag est rarement un problème plus – ils sont toujours l’un des leaders en matière d’innovation avec des tonnes de fonctionnalités folles et maintenant plier les téléphones bientôt ! Combien de choses Samsung a « premier » jusque ??

-Ils ont beaucoup d’options, avec la série de notes et leur budget téléphones tous avoir amélioré beaucoup trop !

Honnêtement tho. J’ai une Note 9 maintenant et suis très heureux avec elle. Je suis vraiment heureux, que Samsung semble continuer à avancer leurs concurrents. Même si vous n’aimez pas vous devez comprendre ce qu’ils ont poussé d’autres à faire de Samsung. Bien sûr, leurs téléphones peuvent être un peu chers mais pour moi ce n’est vraiment pas une grosse affaire en raison du prix très généreux tombe après quelques mois.

Je ne veux vraiment pas sonner comme un compère mais Merci Samsung ! J’espère que vous continuez à faire ce que vous faites.

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  1. Samsung pushed the competitors to release big screen/high resolution phones. To think that the 1440p Amoled Note 4 released nearly 5 years ago.

  2. No need, it’s already the sub’s popular opinion. But I agree, I went from hating Samsung to suddenly respecting them a lot (even though I still disagree with some of their decisions) in the past few years.

  3. I think it’s important to also keep perspective. Samsung is one of the only Android manufacturers to turn a profit and it has a significant economies of scale advantage. Others like LG, HTC, Motorola, ect. have had to make compromises (probably in R&D) that have crippled thier competitiveness. That’s not Samsung’s fault but I also don’t think it’s healthy for the Android ecosystem to only have one OEM making profits.

  4. I think the best testament to Samsung’s good work is that someone like me, who for years have only bought Nokia phones and hated Samsung with a passion, have been using Samsung phones for the last 3 years and don’t think I’ll be switching anytime soon.

  5. I remember after my Galaxy S3, I promised myself I would never buy a Samsung product again. Then I bought the Note 8. Fuck this thing is amazing! (except the battery, which sucks)

  6. I think the S6 was definitely where Samsung stepped up their hardware game. Their software at that point wasn’t great at all but the S6 Edge was one of my favorite looking phones at that time.

  7. I have used lots of Samsungs and other phones but from my experiences with Samsung I personally have never experienced any issues I read about on here. Sometimes I hear stuff that makes me question if they’ve even held the phone at best buy lol but whatever get whatever phone works best for you.

  8. Samsung has gotten really good at fixing issues and polishing through iteration, but also innovating every few years.

    With that in mind, im going to say the S11 will have a smaller camera punchout, power button better placed, more computational camera processing, maybe ToF sensor on S10 and S10+, next years SoC, and 5G.

  9. I would say even the S7. I know in this echo chamber that is r/android that the edge display is significantly frowned upon but I’m one of the few that actually likes it and even utilizes the Apps Edge menu. I get like an auto-hidden Microsoft windows taskbar-like set of extra apps with just a swipe, or swipe to see the clipboard history or my stock portfolio

  10. they persuaded me to move back to android…. im heading out at 10am tomorrow morning to trade in my shit iphone x (that is on its 2nd battery) and pick up my galaxy s10+. super stoked about it after seeing one last week…. just too damn nice.

  11. The best part is for the last decade I have been using Samsung devices and I always here on tech news and podcasts them shitting on Samsung but then go on to talk about improvements and drawbacks of other brands and I always think to myself « I dont have those problems because I have a samsung ». The best is when you read something about Samsung phones and they dismiss the phone entirely and talk about bixby and how terrible it is. Having a programmable extra button on my phone and the ability to turn off my AI entirely seems to never be mentioned.

    I have come to the conclusion that most tech press is advertising for the vendors. Actual specifications and performance comparisons are very rare and most attempts are botched consiterably.

  12. I’m super happy with my Note 9. One UI is great, I’ve avoided anything non stock for years but Samsung have really stepped up their software game, and the hardware is great. So many awesome little features and customization options but it can all be turned off and it’s not bloat-y

  13. Totally agree. They went from feature-rich but kinda ugly physically and sloppy software-wise, to absolutely gorgeous physically and now finally smooth and polished on the software side.

  14. I agree with so much of this post. Samsung phones seem to have it *all* with the hardware. Their software seems so much better than it used to be.

    I am so close to finally getting a Samsung device instead of sticking with a « stock »/Google device. Not sure if I’ll actually be able to jump ship, but seeing the features that Google is cutting while Samsung is keeping or adding features is making it really tempting.

  15. Samsung has always been good at these things. It’s only since the S8 that they’ve found their groove with Android and combining their excellent hardware with a UX that marries really well, which we are now experiencing with OneUI.

    I’ve always had a Samsung or Sony flagship but did stray into the Nexus 6P too briefly

    I really wanted to stay Sony when I had the Z3, but upgrading to the Z5 showed me that Sony lost the plot in that era slightly, with worse battery life, worse ergonomics and of course the camera flanking behind the Samsungs.
    I’m now on the S8+ and have been since launch. With Pie and Good Lock + system wide dark mode that actually looks and works well… I don’t even want to upgrade phone this year but the wide angle lenses on the new cameras and 4K 60fps recording with HDR is really appealing for my needs.

    S8 camera is stunning even to this day. It’s all down to how it’s used.

  16. > They seem to listen to their consumers, having kept the headphone jack and sd-card to this day, among other things…


    Yeah! And didn’t make their flagships over $1000 or add a notch! Wait……


    Amazing to me how everyone has suddenly stopped complaining about those 2 things now that Samsung did it. Something tells me when they remove the headphone jack we will hear how it isn’t needed anymore because of Galaxy Buds.


  17. S8+ reporting in, still on December 2018 security patch 🙁

    Still waiting for One UI/Android P

    Still unsure if the hiccups I run into daily are because of carrier or my usage patterns or Samsung…

  18. I am thinking of coming back. I had an original Samsung Galaxy S, then Note 2 followed by Note 4 purchased for me by work that I got to keep. I have an HTC U11 now. I like the squeeze to get to the camera and I stupidly thought since it was the base for a Pixel model it would get updates. I get it HTC, jokes on me.

    As an Android developer Samsung has pissed me off a lot of times but starting with the 7 it has not been an issue. Targeting minSdk of 21 (Lollipop) and all the old bad phones are pretty much gone.

    I miss the features of the Note. My son still uses the Note 4. I want to jot down quick notes during meetings and do simple drawings when I am explaining how I plan on doing a layout in code. The screen was always super nice as well and I like the large size of the Note series.

    As far as the new UI, how often do you actually use? Change a setting from time to time and that is about it. I use Nova Launcher so even going from HTC to Samsung my daily usage will be identical. The rest of the look is up to the apps you use.

    Waiting for a price drop / sweet deal on the Note 9 then I will take the Samsung plunge once again.

  19. Couldn’t agree more. Let me put it this way – I used to*hate* Samsung. I also used to have two phones and used to use my iPhone as my primary. My hate of Samsung came after the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.

    That said last summer I switched to a note 9 as my primary, and two months later it became my only phone. I couldn’t be happier and hope Samsung keeps this up.

  20. Random question but are screenshots still really low res on the s10 series? Screenshots on my note 8 and my friend’s s8 look like dog shit – super low res like they were taken on a flip phone. Pretty ridiculous if it’s to save space since screenshots on my old iphone with a 720p display look way better

  21. Yeah I probably would have bought another Note if I wasn’t so curious about the latest Pixel.

    Can’t wait to see Note 10. Really hoping that one day people get sick of those curved screens.

  22. I never considered Samsung as a brand for me in the past but I finally bit the bullet with the N9. Its leagues ahead of everything else on the market. I can’t believe I nearly bought a Pixel 3XL instead of this…

  23. I switched from iOS to Android on the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. I hated its crap battery life, laggy UI, and pretty much everything about it. So when it just died on me, I didn’t even bother getting it replaced. I just went to the Huawei Nexus 6p. It crapped out on me about a year later.


    That’s when I saw the Galaxy S8 and …my god…ever since I got that phone, I have never even once regretted it. It’s been 2 years and I still say out loud to my SO about how much I love my phone – how it’s so amazing and does everything I need it to do without a single fuss. No lag, no crappy ui, no horrible battery drain – everything just…works so well on it.


    Then a few days ago I saw the Galaxy Fold – and sure its price tag is close to $2,000, but I might actually bite the bullet if they offer some kind of trade in program. Samsung’s amazing phones in the past 3 years has shown me that I can trust Samsung again, and that’s how you get customers to buy more expensive phones.

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