25 réflexions au sujet de “Je ne le crois”

  1. Yes, fucking get him! There will never be a good excuse for behavior like this and the bullies will most likely only respond to getting exactly what they give right back at them. 10 years of being bullied makes me unable to feel bad for anyone who thinks they’re better than others, treating people like crap and then getting smacked in the face by karma. I hope the bully learned something from that.

  2. Yeah except the kid in the glasses and his friends had stolen the choker’s sweater (or maybe hoodie) and we’re egging him on. They wanted him to attack to get his things back so that they could beat him up.

  3. That’s why you deck those fools too, deal with the punishment, the next time someone does it deck them too. They’ll get the point that you aren’t afraid of punishment and stop real fucking quick.

  4. Is nobody noticing the uniforms? These guys look they are on a team together. It also looks like a demonstration of some kind, not a bullying incident.

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