37 réflexions au sujet de “« J’ai maîtrisé la capacité de se déplacer si incroyablement lent que je deviens…”

  1. Right. So can anyone explain to ME why my fucking DALMATION is the craziest son of a bitch ever? This dog is fucking walking. MY PUPPY HASN’T WALKED SINCE HE POPPED OUT OF HIS MUM’S WHEREVER-DOGS-COME-FROM. The dalmation in the GIF is holding a tennis ball in his mouth, contrary to mine where he fucking SWALLOWS that shit for later regurgitation on the fucking sofa we’ve cleaned 30 times already since we paid a boat load of money for a fucking bright white dog that gets muddy after after a trip to his favourite shitting location, which is conveniently *just* outside of the door meaning if you want a photo of the sunset (we live near the beach) or some shit late at night then there’s a 73% chance you’ll stand in the dogs defecate. Also can just talk about how if he isn’t chewing shit in the kitchen or farting in the living room, he’s constantly trying to lick my other dogs bollocks or attempting to get on top of the counter to steal the washing up cloth FOR THE 50TH FUCKING TIME or to lick our plates clean after we finish dinner. Earlier he got up to the counter and tried to lick some gravy fresh in the jug, but he burnt his mouth and knocked the jug over in the process. Serves him right the little bugger.

    He’s pretty cute though, I’ll give him that.

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