J’ai donc fait une chose ce matin… nouveau galaxy s10 +. Bye iphone x. fan d’apple

so i did a thing this morning…. new galaxy s10+. bye iphone x.

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

longtemps… depuis des décennies. Ive a eu un iphone depuis le jour du lancement de la toute première. l’an dernier, pommes n’ont pas d’un nouveau mac pro et screwjob complète et totale de leurs nouveaux portables m’a envoyé dans une autre direction, et j’ai construit mon propre poste de travail pour la première fois en 10 ans. mon système de threadripper est maintenant mon ordinateur principal.

un mois ou deux auparavant, après avoir frustraated avec pommes merde intégration avec windows, et avoir besoin d’avoir mon iphone x (qui est à peine un an) faire sa batterie échouer à nouveau… J’ai décidé qu’il était temps de couper le cordon et sortir de l’écosystème apple. la fixation des prix sur le nouveau XS sont juste fou (j’ai n’a pas acheté mon X, c’était un cadeau) j’étais sur le point de tirer sur la gâchette sur une note de 9, mais après avoir entendu les rumeurs, j’ai décidé d’attendre le lancement de s10 galaxie… et vraiment heureux que j’ai fait. mon nouveau s10 + est absolument incroyable. le niveau de personnalisation est juste mâchoire chute. le niveau de choix sur tout est juste… Eh bien… C’est un tout nouveau monde.

heureux que je suis sorti de cet écosystème. Alors que je manque un peu de choses, im rapidement mon chemin autour de l’apprentissage et profiter de chaque seconde de mon nouveau trouvé la liberté.

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  1. Don’t fall into a trap I see a lot of iPhone users fall into when they switch, many people fall into the trap of thinking that because they *can* customise everything, they *have* to. Android will work fine out of the box with zero tweaking, it’s just there if you want it.

    Ive lost track of how many users I’ve seen say something like « I switched back to iPhone, I just want something simple that works out of the box, not something I spend 3 hours tweaking ».

  2. Welcome to the club! Hopefully the transition period won’t take very long (and hopefully it doesn’t cost you that much to buy apps on another ecosystem).

    There is a lot that we can do with Android (as you mentioned with the level of customization). You can always go deeper with 3rd-party apps, ADB commands, and more.

    And if you haven’t picked one already, there are some wallpapers over at **www.GalaxyS10Wallpapers.com** to pick out from that go perfectly with the camera cutout

  3. I see this types of posts on both Android and iOS subreddits (where people switch from one platform to another) and it’s cool how tech keeps improving and the tables keep on being turned. The galaxy S10 is great and I really hope you enjoy it.

    To be honest I can’t say which phone is better nowadays. The new iPhones are great too (albeit have pricing issues with memory and the slow charger), the new galaxies are up there too (better in some ways, worse in others. But in general they are probably (some of) the best smartphones to date) and many other companies are looking to innovate.

    My point here is that this is not making fun of people that buy iPhones or other phones (I see many trashing apple here, while the XS series are incredibly well made and have their advantages too). We should enjoy this competition and new products as they will bring even better designs soon enough

  4. I’ve just made the same move.

    iPhone X and Watch S3 and I’ve ordered an S10 and a Galaxy Watch 42mm. Can’t wait to get them. Still have my iPad and MBP but I’m looking forward to the freedom android provides and having played with the S10 range a bit already, I know I’ve no issues with how the device handles.

    Trade ins and discounts mean I got my S10 and 42mm watch ordered for less than £450. I loved the iPhone X and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it’s time for a change.

  5. The Apple ecosystem is just that – an ecosystem. Apple’s own fault letting parts of it get bad. Unless it’s all good, it’s not *that* good.

    I’m going to be building a Ryzen 3000 desktop soon. Might stay on iPhone, might not. But I’ve lost confidence in Apple’s ability to make functional laptops.

  6. the day I switched I too knew i orobably wont go back. I wont say never because companies can change but for right now android/samsung combo is king

  7. I just did the same! Although I’ve switched back and forth many times, but I got bored with my iPhone X.


    Ok so I’ll be the first to tell you if no one else already did. There will be some things you will slowly begin to miss about the iPhone. Mostly how smooth it is and of course…iMessage (RCS…if you’re listening out there, please hurry up!). But it’s the limiations of iOS that just make it extremely boring, especially for a techy person. Hope you enjoy your new device!



  8. > the pricing on the new XS is just insane (i didnt buy my X, it was a gift)

    I never understand this reasoning when I read it. You say the pricing on the new XS was insane. Yet the S10+ is $1000 phone and the XS is $1000 phone.

    I am not saying getting a S10+ was bad, im just saying this as part if ypur reasoning makes no sense. Almost like you are reaching for any reason of validation.

  9. I switched from galaxy s3 to iPhone 6 and I was literally disappointed. There was literally NO features. One of them is the lack of LED notification. That was my favorite but iPhone didn’t have it.

  10. Using several models of both at the same time. The one area that I find Apple does better is in battery life. Haven’t experienced the outright failure that you indicated, just my experience in day to day operation.

    Was on a S8 before upgrading to Pixel 3 this year. Android is by far my preferred platform for everything over apple.

    My work iPhone just consistently keeps its battery life going. Not sure if the OS is better optimized or if it’s just my unique experience.


  11. I’m debating doing the same thing, but I really hated the bug filled custom roms (nightlies). I know they’re not supposed to be stable, but it was the only way to get the newest OS without waiting months (unless you bought something from Google). iPhones don’t have that issue because they’ll be updated for longer than I use the phone and actually get frequent updates.

    The only downside is the lack of customization on iPhones. I even tried out jailbreaking by installing a tweak, and then the very next tweak broke that first one.

    Basically, they’re both shitty and there’s no good choice.

  12. I made the switch back in May. At first I went through waves of loving my S9+ and then missing imessage and wanting to go back to iOS.

    I was able to talk my wife and immediate family into using WhatsApp which really helped. Regular texts are pretty annoying though. Hopefully RCS will roll out soon (probably not).

    Now I can’t imagine going back. Maybe I will next time I upgrade but if I was going to upgrade today it would be to another Samsung.

  13. The only thing I imagine you’ll miss is imessage and how well iPhones are optimized for their software. Android/S10+ is superior in every other way.

  14. If you haven’t already done so, you might be interested in enabling Developer Options. In the Settings app go to System, About Phone, then tap Build Number many times (about 9 or so). Dev options will then be available under System in the Settings app. Lots of things under the hood to tinker with there, have fun!

  15. The only thing you’ll really miss is imessage. Once you get past that things are just so much more fun and customizable on this side of the pond.

  16. Wish I could go back to android. But until there are more options with stock android it’s a hard pass.

    Also any phone preinstaled with Facebook I won’t buy out of principle.

    Good luck worh your new stuff.

  17. Get Good Lock App from Samsung Store. And unlock the power of customisation more. Not it customisation but most of the apps in there are so good you won’t be able to use your phone without them.

  18. A tip I always give is that if you want a Samsung phone and you are a Verizon customer, Best Buy frequently has them on sale for $250-300 off. Don’t buy full retail if you’re on Verizon.

  19. You’re going to love being able to use the file system as it was meant to. I recommend getting Solid Explorer (paid version). Syncing stuff to your computer couldn’t be easier, plug it in and drag + drop what you need using Windows Explorer, skip that iTunes nonsense.

    Also, you can now download stuff (PDFs, mp4s, music files, etc) **and** access them right from your phone using Solid Explorer, then move them around to wherever you want. It seems like a small thing, but I can find a YouTube video, convert it online into an mp4 (if I want to watch it somewhere, like in a gym, where I don’t have my wifi) download it and take it with me.

  20. The OP got pulled out of the (Apple) ecosystem by turning to using Windows after s/he forsook the latest computer offerings from Apple.

    I think the (little thought about) computing platform might be the lynch pin here. Yes, an iPhone may not be the best choice when trying to integrate with a Windows box.

    Apple products are for people with more dollars than sense.

    While I think that Google and co. still need to up their Quality Game in some areas, they offer the user far more flexibility and power (in being able to do what ***they*** want) for a much better price – although the gap is narrowing.

    The interesting thing about Android is that there really isn’t an « Android » phone like there is an iPhone. A Samsung Galaxy or Note phone is considerably different from a Google Pixel or OnePlus phone. I don’t have an Android phone. I have a Pixel.

    Enjoy your first taste of another vendor’s interpretation of a smartphone – there are several to choose from.

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