32 réflexions au sujet de “Il est sur le point de perdre sa petite amie”

  1. Illegal!!!!

    Wild Draw Four – This acts just like the wild card except that the next player also has to draw four cards as well as forfeit his/her turn. With this card, you must have no other alternative cards to play that matches the color of the card previously played. If you play this card illegally, you may be challenged by the other player to show your hand to him/her. If guilty, you need to draw 4 cards. If not, the challenger needs to draw 6 cards instead. If turned up at the beginning of play, return this card to the Draw pile, shuffle, and turn up a new one.

    Source: https://www.unorules.com/

  2. He isn’t allowed to play « Choose Colour and take four » as he had a yellow already.


    It can only be played when the player doesn’t have the current colour.


    She played yellow, he had a yellow card.

  3. The real way to play uno, dont give a shit about the rules and ruin every friendship, relationship, and family in the process. That’s how me and my people play at least

  4. Am I being detained??? Calm down William Shakespeare, aint nobody be bothered to read that long ass text of pointlessness. Besides, lets not forget the real crime here is a completely staged gif that lacks any humour. They’re struggling for quality content so theyre placing a moderately attractive female who just happens to be convieniently braless as the focal point. And also, youre getting your penis (or vagina, I dont discriminate over genitalia) in a twist over a joke.

  5. Pretty sure that this isn’t even how you would play that hand as per the rules.

    The way I play in my group is we allow the +2 and +4 cards to stack but you can only lay down one card per turn. This guy can’t just empty his hand on the table and cause someone to fake cry like that.

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