30 réflexions au sujet de “If you’ve never seen an armadillo rolling up, here it is”

  1. OP’s explanation:

    >Have you ever seen an armadillo rolling up before. I think not!
    >This GIF amazed me when I first saw, it’s also very satisfying to watch it roll up.

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  2. Someone on another sub somewhere tried to claim they shot one of these with a shotgun and the bb’s ricocheted off and hit him or one of his friends. Can’t remember the specific details but everyone was calling him out because although they’re tough to get at when they do the ball thing, but they’re not bulletproof.

  3. Did they ever make an armadillo video game?
    I feel like that should have been a thing. It turns into a ball, you know how versatile that is in the video game world.
    Oh yeah, and this post is pretty cool! I never seen it before.

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