If you would have a chance to create your own Android phone,What featu…

If you would have a chance to create your own Android phone,What features you will make to catch the attention of users?

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

Smartphone bcome more common and we spend more time on smartphone.

we have more and higher rerquirement on the smartphone.

common smartphone introduce more special features: full screen, notch screen and recently dual screen.

IP rugged phone start to have breakthough in design.

So if you are the designer and prodcut designer, which feature you want to create?


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  1. Simply check all the boxes:

    * Water resistance rating
    * Headphone jack
    * Fast wireless charging
    * USB-C 3.x
    * No notch / display intrusions
    * In-display fingerprint sensor
    * Okay cost
    * microSD card slot
    * Relatively-slim bezels

    So far, there’s **nothing** that checks all of them.

  2. 7″ phone, 4″ screen with 3″ bezels, a chip that makes all the 3.5mm wired headphones in a 5m radius implode, 48MP camera that oversaturates photos, Android 7.0 (stuck in that version) and guaranteed bootloops after 1 year

  3. I bet none of us here can manage this. The only thing we can do best is to complain if we don’t like something. Every individual will have its preference.

  4. Comes with a programmable blow Job / Clam Massager robot that you can control using your android phone.

    Jn addition to personal massages, the unit also has an adaptive social program that takes what you say, agrees with you , and blames your least favorite sports team / actor / French president for your problems.

    Lastly, it categorizes the emotions of what you say and GrubHubs a delivery request of one of your local Favorite Restaurants, based on your rating, for a meal. Chocolate and Mexican food for times of severe emotional stress, and steak for times of euphoria.

  5. * 5″ screen and 5.3″ phone.
    * **very slim bezels no notch.** Give front-facing camera at the bottom like mi mix 2.
    * bottom headphone jack.
    * Plastic Chasis and back. For durability.
    * 4000 mah battery.
    * no camera bump.
    * Pre-installed screen guard.
    * side fingerprint reader (or in display fingerprint reader active all time)
    * Oled screen.
    * 2 Camera at back, one regular, one Wide Angle.
    * Wireless charging, come on, they’re dirt cheap.
    * Looks of Oxygen OS and features of MIUI with the fluidity of iOS. (yes I chase unicorns too)
    * MIUI Gestures.
    * Latest SD processor.
    * 3-4 years of OS updates.
    * User end replaceable battery like Poco F1.
    * Xiaomi like service.
    * Unlockable bootloader and dev friendly.
    * 0 Bloatware.
    * Fuck 5G and « internet of things », Give better 4G Antennas.
    * 1 Extra button to map it to anything like MI mix 3. (one press, double press and long press).
    * 6 GB ram.
    * dual sims + SD card.
    * 64 GB minimum storage.
    * 400-500 USD price.

    Will use it till Fuchsia comes.

  6. > if you are the designer and prodcut designer, which feature you want to create?

    Sell the idea to Google and bankroll a few million bucks.

  7. I’d remake the original Moto X. I’d make it the same size, but with today’s specs. The dimple would be a fingerprint reader.

    That’s all I want in a phone today. A curved easy to hold shape, decent battery life, and we’ll planned internals. I hate that every thing is a glass sandwich anymore.

  8. Fuck the users, I’d build a phone just for me. 😀

    * 5” 16:9 OLED display, 1440p
    * Portrait style, slider physical keyboard (like BlackBerry Priv, but better)
    * Removable battery
    * MicroSD support
    * Dual-SIM
    * Linear Resonant Actuator instead of the traditional spinning weight type vibration motor (think iPhone’s haptic engine, Nintendo Switch’s HD rumble)
    * 4000mAh battery
    * IR blaster
    * Stereo front-facing speakers
    * 3.5mm port with a good quality DAC + amp
    * USB C port
    * Wireless charging
    * Glass weave rear casing, ala BlackBerry Z30

    I’d be more than happy to sacrifice thickness and waterproofing to achieve a phone combining all of that.

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