If Samsung ditches the headphone jack from the Galaxy S11/Note 11 onwa…

If Samsung ditches the headphone jack from the Galaxy S11/Note 11 onwards, how would you personally feel about this?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

It’s a huge problem for me personally as I use the headphone jack all the time.

It’s going to make selecting a future replacement for my S7 Edge (keeping my phone for another year as I would have had it for 4 years by then) really hard as I don’t like buying older phones due to the lack of Android support after a short while (As the Galaxy S10 will be a year old at that point).

So yeah what would your thoughts be on this?

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  1. Minor inconvenience, but I already use my BT headphones more than my wired AKGs on the S8. At the moment the jack is a ¨nice to have¨, but in no way mandatory for me.

  2. I’m currently using a phone with no headphone jack. I hate it. So my next phone will have one. Don’t know whether that will be the S10+ or the note10. Hopefully we know more about what the note 10 is supposed to add.

  3. I want to be able to charge my phone while listening to music on wired headphones. For that reason alone, I will only buy phones with headphone jacks. I don’t even need/want wireless charging. So, Samsung et al. can get rid of that.

  4. Buying a phone without a dedicated jack is waste of money on expensive headphones. Whats the use of buying bose qc35 or sony wmx3 or sennheiser pxc550, if you dont have a dedicated jack on your phone to get the most power out of em? Ldac or bt arent still able to play hi res music at top notch quality.

    Ditched samsung ages ago when lg launched v10 with dedicated dac. If no there is no jack, then no new phone.

  5. I don’t care anymore. I have Bluetooth headphones for music listening when I go to the gym. That’s about the only time I ever use anything headphones on my phone. My car stereo has a Bluetooth adapter connected to it. The only time I did care was when I was traveling on foot. Those days are over for me.

  6. Then I would start considering potential options for other phones, whereas right now I am a very happy Samsung user who right now goes on the assumption that my next phone will be a Samsung too. Maybe I’d end up with Samsung again anyway if their competition in the future is shit, but I do prioritize being able to use one pair of wired headphones with every piece of tech I use in a day very highly.

  7. I’ll be buying a phone from a different manufacturer. I am not going to replace every set of headphones I own, and both of my car stereo’s simply because they decided to remove it.

    It’s easier for me to simply buy a phone with a headphone jack.

  8. I haven’t used corded headphones since 2015 when I got a cheap pair of Bluetooth sports phones. With my current wireless buds I can’t see myself using wired headphones ever again.

  9. For me personally not too much of an issue. My wife and I use wireless headphones. We found that the cables would keep getting damaged for our wired earbuds. A few times there have been close calls for my wife and wired airbuds in the treadmill at the gym. The cable would swing in the way.

    I’ve been satisfied worth my Sol Republic headphones for years now. I only use the cable for them when I play on my Xbox One or my Switch.

    I recently got a pair of IconX 2018s last month for £40. Are even better when I have to hold a crying newborn all night and I don’t have to worry about him heading the wires.

    Sometimes I leave my phone charging and listen to music while walking around the house.

    Soooo yeah I’d be fine.

  10. I like the jack. It’s not a deal breaker for me now days. It was moreso a few years back. Now no one has it, so even if they do stop, it’s not like I’m gonna jump to some other brand for just a headphone jack.

    People said the same thing about removable batteries, and about IR blasters. Yes some people will not upgrade for years, makes sense. For me it’s not reason enough to not upgrade.

  11. Couldn’t care less..

    I haven’t used wired headphones for about 5 years.

    You guys would be surprised how little people in the real world actually care abour headphone jacks

  12. I don’t think Samsung is yet ready to remove headphone jack from future S lineup. If they want, they had removed it while ago. Because it been three years Apple removed headphone jack. But Samsung Galaxy S10 (even it is not launched but we know) to come with a headphone jack.


    But if Samsung will remove, then I guess, I will still buy it. Because of no option. OnePlus moved to no headphone jack family with 6T.

  13. It would suck as a general rule, but it wouldn’t be what stops me from buying.

    I’m likely going to get the OP7 and there’s a decent chance it won’t have a jack so.

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