Hydrogène rouge – comment faire pour ajouter l’insulte à l’injure ?

Hydrogène rouge – comment faire pour ajouter l’insulte à l’injure ?

Red Hydrogen – how to add insult to injury ?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

ou, jouons le jeu « spot the difference » : https://web.archive.org/web/20181102231939/https  :// www.h4v.com/overview https://www.h4v.com/overview pour ceux d’entre vous qui ne dérange pas ;

Rouge, arrogant fabricant du smartphone rouge hydrogène terrible (seulement 1300 dollars) juste enlevé tout le matériel sur la caméra de cinéma supplémentaire promise-module sur le site officiel…

Module de caméra devait pour être disponible en 2019 et était souvent situé dans des revues comme la seule raison pour téléphone d’hydrogène propre, car les téléphones propres caméras sont tout simplement mauvais. Et le téléphone lui-même, tel qu’un téléphone est juste, bien totalement merdique (surtout pour le prix).

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  1. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/29/18027782/red-hydrogen-one-review-all-hype

    >There’s one final big feature on this phone that I haven’t talked about yet, and that’s a series of small gold pins along the back. This is the Hydrogen One’s accessory expansion interface, and you’re supposed to be able to attach all kinds of things to transform the phone, much like Motorola’s Moto Mods.

    >The most exciting of those is a full-on RED-made camera sensor, with a lens mount that allows you to attach real lenses. It effectively turns the phone into a monitor for a tiny cinema rig, and Jannard says you can shoot a RED-quality movie on it. “If you were shooting an 8K Weapon on set as your A camera, this could certainly be your B camera,” he told me. “No question.”

    >Unfortunately, that accessory doesn’t exist yet. And neither do any others. RED hasn’t even announced full details on the sensor, let alone its price — and you have to imagine it’ll cost more than the phone itself, given that RED’s cameras start at over $12,000. Given that the Hydrogen One is already a year delayed, it’s not at all clear that these accessories will launch any time soon.

    >And so, the three big things meant to set the Hydrogen One apart — its holographic display, 3D photo and video capture, and a powerful accessories port — all fail, and are ultimately the phone’s weakest points.

  2. So between all the amazing modules that were going utilize the Moto Mod, Essential connectors, and this I think it’s safe to say that the promise of additional features via add-on are not to be trusted

    If Essential had a DAC at or close to launch instead of that stupid camera I’d probably be using it.

  3. What’s funny is reading the reduser/h4vuser forums. Right after people started receiving their phones and the reviews started coming out, any posts with reviews that weren’t glowing about how magical the holo crap was got deleted. All the user posts were about how all the bad reviews were wrong and « nobody understood » how incredible this tech was and how it was the future.

    Now if you look at the new post about the removed module section, the theory is that it’s being removed because the previous wireframe diagrams are about to be replaced by newer updated better drawings!!!

  4. Hi! I’m the guy who bought one. These are my candid thoughts on the situation currently:

    * The phone by itself is pretty whatever. I knew it going in.
    * The 3D photos are actually pretty fun/great. The challenge is no one else can see them, except hydrogen users and only on their proprietary social media app (which needs some help)
    * Without question, the biggest reason why I bought this phone was for the cinema module. I worked as a cinematographer for more than 7 years and having a low-profile camera with a cinema quality sensor sounded like heaven.
    * The module was supposed to be based off of their helium sensor, which [DXO had at one point ranked as the best sensor out](https://www.dxomark.com/red-helium-8k-dxomark-sensor-score-108-a-new-all-time-high-score2/)
    * It was supposed to have interchangeable lens mounts – one of which was a super low-profile disc lens system that seemed super convenient
    * RED was also well-versed in low-light sensor capabilities, going so far as to create the Gemini sensor for NASA and their low-light camera needs
    * RED has a long track record of offering MASSIVE discounts and perks for early adopters
    * RED also has a track record of people balking at the pilot products, which have had a mixed record of success as they panned out (RED One – good, RED Ray – absolutely awful)

    As it stands now, it looks as though some of the copy about the cinema module has been scrubbed and this news marks the first time i’ve been genuinely concerned. Yes I may be a fool for going in on the product, but I also saw the *exact* form factor/usage I’ve always wanted for a mini cinema camera and placed my bet on the horse I wanted to win.


    I went to many of the preview and launch events. The common consensus was « phone… cool. 3d … whatever. I’m in this thing for the cinema module »


    If they do not release the cinema module – I would hope they have some sort of replacement (and wouldn’t doubt the possibility). They may provide a substantial discount on existing cameras or on upcoming cameras – [like the one foxconn is developing with the company](https://petapixel.com/2018/02/17/red-foxconn-team-make-8k-cameras-1-3-price/). It’s not out of character for them to do something like this. RED went as far as to upgrade Raven owners to Dragon-X cameras just as recently as last month (you just have to make sure you’re paying attention to the info releases, which in and of itself is an entirely separate issue).


    But if they don’t release the cinema module and offer no substantive replacement or roadmap as to how to make up for it – THEN this project will be officially fucked and I will be officially disappointed.


    Yours forever and always,


    The Guy Who Bought One

  5. anyone who was dumb enough to purchase a $1300 phone with 3 year old specs JUST because they are a fanboy of the company deserves all the anguish that comes with it. My S8 has better specs than the Red.

  6. Serious question: Could they have a class-action lawsuit filed against them for false advertising? They sold the phone on promises they didn’t keep, and while most people saw the writing on the wall and were skeptical that the mods would ever come out, those who did believe them and bought the phone in part for the upcoming mods _should_ have a case, right?

  7. ive been saying from the start… red is a shitty company. they have crap service and fuck their customers in the ass without lube. I know someone who got a red and a week later they came out with the new version. He tried to exchange it for the new one and they offered him half of what he just paid for it. he didn’t even use the thing yet.

  8. a 1300$ phone with the specs worth below 300$. I can’t imagine people brought this shit. And for the camera modules, just go buy an actual camera, 1300$ is a huge amount of money

  9. RED are broke AF and trying to chase some money by suing other cine camera manufacturers. Won’t change the fact that the highest level of the industry has moved on to Arri Alexa and there are no plans of coming back, so their market right now is YouTubers with more money than sense, thinking recording their videos with a RED will be more future proof or higher quality. Get screwed, RED.

  10. I totally disagree with all the people saying those who bought this phone are « idiots. » Remember, most of their sales were pre-orders, and most of that was driven by RED’s history of making incredible cameras. In hindisght RED should never have been in the phone business to begin with, but their history suggested they could actually pull this off and put a game-changing camera and screen in a smartphone. It’s not the buyer’s fault that they failed to deliver in this effort. I personally wouldn’t purchase a $1,300 phone from a first time manufacturer, but that’s me.

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you bought this phone you’re a bit of an idiot. Especially if you bought it on the promise of a future feature.

  12. It’s high time that tech reviewers stop praising and promoting this piece of junk. At least not if it continues to sell for a whopping 1300 dollars.

  13. Oh man! Good catch! That absolute bullshit from red! You would think with the millions they rake in they’d fix their phones. Also this did was expose them as a terrible money hungry company.

  14. People who can drop that kind of money on a phone probably don’t care if they release anything new. They are only buying it because its expensive and they are foolish. 1% problems.

  15. Anyone buying RED products should either be a professional filmmaker or rich. And professional filmmakers don’t need a phone to take videos or photos. So really the only people who should have bought that phone are rich people and I don’t feel bad if they got swindled.

  16. You don’t understand this project. This is a long-term voyage. It is not a 1 year model to be succeed with a new model every year. The first modules will arrive 1 year AFTER launch (so autumn 2019). Everyone with a RH1 understand this.

    This is something new, *is not about selling a lot of devices*. This is about create a **community** of creators and users with a bi-directional conversation with Red about what can be improved and what will need to change in the future. This mobile is already *the most upgraded/improved smartphone in history*. And I’m sure this will continue for more than 1 or 2 years of updates and additions **because the people suggested/asked a new function**.

    Also, this is the **first Leia screen** available for users, and all knoweledge and lessons learned with this first generation **will be used for the upcoming Holographic 3D screens**, not only from Leia. Capabilities and limitations are being tested and it will result on improved content creation pipelines and improved end user products, both in hardware, software and content.

    Like The Looking Glass (another Holographic 3D screen), this first generation of Holographic 3D is intended for creators to generate a passionated community who **is already testing possibilities and capabilities so they will make the most of future Holographic 3D screens intended for mass market**.

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