Huawei P30 VS Pro Pixel 3 XL – comparaison de la caméra !

Huawei P30 VS Pro Pixel 3 XL – comparaison de la caméra !

Huawei P30 Pro VS Pixel 3 XL – Camera Comparison!

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Huawei P30 VS Pro Pixel 3 XL – comparaison de la caméra !

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  1. I’m sorry but after having used a huawei (albeit the slightly less advanced p30) I am not impressed at all with the processing on huawei phones.

    Between pop ups saying to « hold still sharpening image » and the resultant unnatural output (eg inability to render fine detail like grass in some shots). They also manage to smear details with over aggressive noise reduction (eg 3.42 in the video on flowers). Not only that but the auto wb is iffy at best. I tried to take a photo of a pink object and it lit the whole scene up pink. To get an idea of what huawei does take a look at the video around 6:20-7:00. You’ll see the massive amounts of applied saturation there in videos and it does the same sometimes with photos.

    Not saying the pixels are always good or better but they are far more consistent. Yes video is a weak on the pixel 3 and is a downgrade from the pixel 2.

    That said zooming and wide angle are obviously a benefit on the p30 pro. I just don’t think it is as good a camera phone as it is made out to be due to shoddy huawei processing. The kirin and ram make the phone fly though I’ll give them that and I can live with emui. The cellular modem seems top notch too and it is a gorgeous phone in hand (the p30 that is and I am sure the p30 pro too)

  2. The low light pictures are so much better on the P30 Pro.

    During the daylight, it looked even, but when zoomed in the P30 Pro had the clear advantage.

    I’m impressed with the Huawei for pictures. And then they also have the zoom and wide angle lens…

    For pictures it seems there’s absolutely no question which is the best phone.

    Video doesn’t look that great in either.

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