22 réflexions au sujet de “Huawei P30 Pro”

  1. Nearly every phone coming out of china has an identical back. Glass with the glass curved off on the left and right with a vertical camera in the top left.

  2. That curve on the screen looks too aggressive, like the Mate 20 Pro and old Galaxies (S6 and S7), which creates too much distortion on the sides.

    Honestly curved screens should have died in 2017. It looks cool and all, but there is legit no added benefit. Just a few compromises.

  3. I love how this whole comment section is filled with people talking about the phone and then there are these random comments about Huawei which still hasn’t been fully explained to me.

  4. So looking at the specs of the p30 vs the phone I just bought, honor view 20.

    At the prices on offer why on earth would anyone buy the p30?

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