9 réflexions au sujet de “Huawei P30 Pro revue revue Huawei P30 Pro”

  1. Pros

    * Stunning color options and trendy design, water-resistant
    * Excellent AMOLED screen with a tiny notch
    * Fastest under-display fingerprint reader
    * Great battery life
    * Flagship-grade performance
    * Class-leading daylight and low-light camera performance
    * Unmatched 5x optical zoom lens
    * Super fast wired and wireless charging



    * No 3.5mm audio port
    * No 4K at 60fps video capture
    * No stereo speakers
    * Selfie camera is fixed-focus
    * Huawei’s NM memory cards are still far from mainstream

  2. Wait, there is a review out already? Has the phone even launched globally yet?

    Like….how long has this phone even been tested to really know it’s quirks? I get that releasing an articles months after launch doesn’t get much clicks but it was just revealed yesterday / today?

  3. >The 10MP low-light photos are arguably the best you can get from a phone these days. The ultra-wide snapper has autofocus and its photos are also among the best in the class. The portraits enhanced by the ToF camera are another thing tough to match. But the 5x optical zoom is the crown jewel of the camera and it even managed to surpass our expectations.

    >So, while a handful of phones already offer the wide-regular-telephoto combo, Huawei managed to retain its edge by expanding the reach of the last one. The combination of high image quality and the versatility of the cameras make the Huawei P30 Pro the new cameraphone king.

  4. The regular P30 seems like the phone to get, honestly. You lose the (admittedly neat, but unnecessary) extreme zoom, but you gain a headphone jack, smaller form factor, non-curved display, and cheaper price.

  5. Anyone know if the P30 offers USB-PD? I’m sure Huawei’s proprietary stuff is great, but standardized fast charging when you’re carrying only one charger is good too.

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