13 réflexions au sujet de “Huawei P30 coulé accidentellement sur magasin norvégien avec fiche”

  1. [Link to article](https://www.tek.no/artikler/power-avslorer-huaweis-nye-toppmodell/460944)

    Among the specs:

    6,47″ OLED-display

    MainCamera: 40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP + TOF kamera

    Frontkamera: 32 MP

    Powerful prossesor giving « silk-soft » user-experience.

    4 200 mAh battery with support for fast charging

    Reverse wireless charging

    Fingerprint scanner under screen


    2 editions: one with 128 and one with 256 GB storage. and 6 or 8 GB Ram depending on which storage-space you pick.

    ** By going on the article, and click on Skjermdump picture, you can see multiple pictures including more in-depth on specs**

  2. What is it with these manufacturers shifting all their lines to massive screens- the P series is now as large as their Mate line.

    LGs G-series are almost as large as the Vs, Xiaomi’s Redmi 7 is the same size as the Note 7, Moto G7 is same size as G7 Plus, HTC don’t even make regular sized flagships anymore, and Sony has abandoned their compact line and is now just ultra-tall for everything.

  3. The Essential Phone featured the only notch worth copying / iterating on (assuming a phone doesn’t have a FaceID competitor) and I’m glad OEMs are catching on.

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