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  1. LPT: When you interact with your prospective dog for the first time, they’re gonna be flipping out just like this. They probably won’t give you a whole lot of attention. Imagine being trapped in a cage for a long time; you’d probably freak the fuck out and just run in circles too. What you want to watch for is if they use the bathroom basically immediately. This is a good sign because it means that they didn’t want to soil their living space and have been holding it until they can no longer do it. Easier to potty train and train in general; they might already be trained! The dog will do it’s business and then get around to coming over and visiting with you.

  2. videos like this make me question how anyone could get dogs from breeders when the ones you can adopt from shelters will give you love and appreciate you like this. so pure

  3. So happy for this dog. My wife and daughters have been pushing me to adopt and I’m really on the fence. But seeing videos like this really makes me way to pull the trigger.

  4. I like how the lady was expecting the dog to jump into her arms like the dog can understand whats happening. The dog is happy because he’s out of his cage and going for a walk. He doesnt know he’s being adopted. Its evident when they get to the car and he doesnt want to go back into “another cage” that is the car. The true happiness will come when hes living a fat and long life in a loving home.

  5. Do they know they’re being adopted because they’ve seen other dogs get picked or are they just super happy to leave that place? It seems like he knows exactly what’s happening.

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