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  1. OP’s explanation:

    >This get better every loop because the disabled archer hit the target right in the middle and then the thicc person giving the medal tried to shake his hand, this is pure perfection.

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  2. This was so cringe worthy I scrolled down immediately when he went for the hand shake so I wouldn’t see what happened next. Then after 10 seconds I scrolled back up to write this comment.

  3. Um, ***dudes*** the official is just checkin’ to see if the guy is *legit* disabled like maybe he might’ve got caught slippin’ when he naturally popped his arm out of his sleeve (‘cuz they were just in his shirt behind his back the whole time) and gone for the shake.

    This was all planned, all foreshadowed and very in-character for both of them you can trust me I write for a MAJOR hbo series. A *major* one. Or maybe the official kinda forgot the guy was disabled I don’t know you figure it out.

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