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  1. OP’s explanation:

    >Bad ass kid literally ninja grabs a bird, runs across the couch & throws it out an open door. Bird flys off midair unharmed

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  2. I grabbed a bird sitting in a chain link fence when I was 5. There were vines all over the other side so it couldn’t really fly away. Took it inside to show my mom and she was just like wtf? Put it back!

  3. One of my kids, as a kinder, used to catch our parakeets even when the birds would be biting the shit out of his little thumb to finger webbing. Didn’t phase him. I think he was pissed his brother kept letting them out.

  4. I love how he grabs it and then freezes for a half a beat, staring at it like « holy fuck, that worked? I did not think this through. Wtf do I do next »

  5. Small kids seem to have a preternatural ability to grab skittery creatures that adults can’t, snakes, birds, spiders, flies, just snatch them up then have no idea what to do next, besides maybe put it in their mouth. Maybe their utter lack of fear or lackadaisical movements takes the animal by surprise.

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