25 réflexions au sujet de “Google Podcasts est disponible sur le bureau web avec lecture et synchronisation”

  1. After the Pocket Casts update I moved to Google Podcasts. It’s way simpler (which is what I want) but boy is it missing a lot as a result. Multiselect and sleep timer alone would be huge improvements.

    Also a god damn dark mode wouldn’t hurt, that app is blinding.

  2. This company has canned enough stuff I’ve used I’ve reached peak Google and can’t bare to install this knowing it will be deserted and shit canned in less than two years…

  3. I refuse to use Google Podcasts until they allow me to sub without needing google search history turned on. Such a ridiculous requirement at least in the Android app.

  4. I’m somewhat annoyed with the recent Pocket Casts changes (yes, even after the recent update).

    But as silly as it is, I don’t want to leave behind my usage stats. Which I guess is just another way of saying the Pocket Casts changes aren’t bad enough to make me leave.

  5. I tried and tried to like this app. First, it didn’t work with Android Auto. Now I realize does not have the ability to add RSS feeds or podcasts that are premium/private feeds. This is really nice addition, but I still cannot make the switch.

  6. Until they get tired of it again, and it goes away. Google Listen was fine. They pulled the plug on it, why would I ever want to go back?

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