Google joue artiste Hub ne fermant le 30 avril w / Google aucune offe plus longtemps…

Google joue artiste Hub ne fermant le 30 avril w / Google aucune offe plus longtemps…

Google Play Artist Hub shutting down April 30 w/ Google no longer offering direct portal for smaller musicians

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Google jouer artiste Hub fermant le 30 avril w / Google n’est plus offrant portail direct pour les petits musiciens

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  1. So Google is removing features that allow small artists to manage their own content with the move to Youtube Music and they have to « partner » to republish them on Youtube Music. Not to mention that literally zero of the features of Google Play Music that actually make a viable alternative to Spotify/Apple Music are actually present in youtube music.


    Sounds like another well orchestrated feature rich and customer focused transition from Google as always.

  2. Okay, I never used inbox and always thought people are super annoying bitching about it being gone all the time. But I use Google Play Music every single day. I’m outraged, and I 100% understand why people are mad about inbox now. I tried YouTube Music, it’s absolutely awful. So much worse than going from Inbox to Gmail. At least Gmail is useable, YouTube Music is so bad. I’m going to switch to Apple Music after GPM shuts down.

  3. I’m so tired of Google’s shit. I use Android instead of iOS (for the past 10 years) because it allows me to do more and fits my daily routines better. Having real file management, and letting apps work in the background (Photos backups, Spotify downloads, etc) is great. But in terms of Google products and their image as a company, I’m just so jaded and burnt out by them. I find myself looking for alternatives to their products now more than ever.

    For as much shit as I give Apple and iOS, at least they’re [mostly] consistent in the ways that matter. The app experience is rock solid (things mostly « just work »). All features work on all carriers, because unlike Google, Apple brought down the hammer and demanded that VoLTE and WiFi Calling and other features be allowed regardless of where the phone came from. Bloatware isn’t a thing, and Unlocked models aren’t punished/crippled by carriers in any way. Updates are released regardless of carrier or device model. At this point, RCS is a pipedream, with every carrier doing a mix of Universal Profile (Sprint) and their own flavor (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon); I’d rather just have iMessage or an iMessage clone at this point (yes I use WhatsApp/FB Messenger). There’s a physical presence everywhere in the world (stores), and the devices work everywhere in the world (all LTE bands + VoLTE/WiFi Calling + Dual SIM).

    iOS/iPhone aren’t perfect. But I really get the sense that Apple is trying to sell me a coherent product/ecosystem, not an ever-changing service where everything is a perpetual beta and serious problems are resolved in next major version of the OS. Killing great products and services isn’t new for Google. But it accelerated when Sundar Pichai became CEO. He keeps trying to turn Google into this B-grade Apple, where products cost as much but aren’t as good. I wish Google would go back to the way it used to be. They should be looking at the new Microsoft, because holy shit have they made a comeback.

    I hate the idea of owning an iPhone. But if Google and Android keep going the way they’re headed, I might just end up with one. I’m in my late 20s. I haven’t cared about rooting or custom ROMs since like 2015-2016; I’m so over my XDA glory days and just want something that works. I don’t have the patience for this rollercoaster of emotions anymore, especially when it has real-world implications. Like killing Inbox made managing email twice as hard. And YouTube Music is literally just a music-skin for YouTube, nothing like GPM.

  4. Do we know when they are exactly going to discontinue it? I have a playlist I love but I don’t want it to disappear on me so I wanna be ready

  5. Is there any easy way for Play Music users to identify tracks that are going to be removed because of this change? We use GPM quite extensively as a family, and I’m concerned that some music might disappear unnoticed.

  6. Sigh. Usually Google shuts down services that are either unpopular or they have a few variations of (cough, chat apps, cough). But I don’t understand how they plan to shut down a service that is quite popular, more than YT Music, and has many more useful features.

    I hadn’t played with YouTube Music since it first launched. When I saw this article, I redownloaded it to see how it’s changed. It’s still fucking shit. I love being in the Google ecosystem, but unless YT Music gets the useful features from Play Music & also migrates all my data, then I’m switching to Spotify or some other service.

    Also… Why the hell does YT Music have my YT video playlists as music? I don’t want to listen to random non music on YT Music.

  7. I moved from Spotify, to Apple music to google play music and have told everyone I know that I’m never using anything else. Looks like I’m heading back to Spotify, which in all honesty I hate.

    Google is so out of touch with their consumers it’s stupid.

  8. YouTube music is not even close in a feature parity with play music. It just seems like it was not designed for people who stream music. It was made for people who mostly listen to music on YouTube already.

  9. Google is going to completely fumble their music streaming plans for absolutely no reason, I can feel it.

    Google Play Music is good. Why are they fixing what isn’t broken? I should jump ship to Spotify *today* before I wake up one day and all my playlists are gone.

  10. Sadly this kind of thing no longer surprises me anymore. With them killing off Inbox, the latest in a long line of useful products, the middling to low support for Wear and Android TV and clearly ramping their push to get you to use YouTube Music (an inferior product than the rest of the market imho) I’m starting to disentangle myself from their ecosystem as much as I reasonably can.

    Spotify for music, Arrow launcher, Edgium/Firefox etc will be the norm. There doesn’t feel the benefit to staying within their ecosystem as their used to be and whilst they still do good products the benefits you get from say being all Apple just isn’t there with Google.

  11. I just don’t get it. If Google WANTS us to rush over to YouTube Music, why aren’t they getting the features over there so it’s a smooth transition? I mean it’s the same crap they’re doing with Inbox and Gmail.

  12. I recently cancelled my Google Play Music premium sub after **6 years** because I don’t want to go through another badly thought-out Google service change, to a worse product, and end up wasting more money.

  13. I wonder if Google realizes people won’t switch from Google Play music to YouTube music. If they kill GPMAA I’m moving to Spotify. I love GPMAA, and have been subscribed from the beginning. YouTube music is lacking features, just like Spotify… But at least with Spotify I can take advantage of the social features.

    I just want a streaming service that lets me fill in the gaps in their library with my own music!!!

  14. +1 for hating YouTube music. I’ve used GPM for years and loved it. These kind of decisions are making me start to hate Google. I guess I have to slowly transition away from the Google ecosystem.. shame.

  15. i went back to apple music so i still can upload, i predict shutdown early 2020 with half baked transition to youtube music with lack of features and confusion in their vision from bad leadership

  16. And because I have a shit ton of music stored in my GPlay account that **is not available for purchase** (bootlegs, remixes, etc), this is very disheartening. I simply can’t move to any other service and retain my collection… and I adamantly refuse to eat from the trough of corporate dictate.

  17. If Google ever completely pulls GPM without some major improvement to YTM, or if enough of the smaller artists I listen to disappear, I will have to go back to Spotify or find another service to try.

    YTM still feels too much like using plain YouTube as a music source. I don’t want the music video for every song that has one. A lot of videos have a long intro/outro or change something in the song to make a visual thing work, or add extra background nose. I just want to listen to the album version 99% of the time!

  18. >At the end of this month, all existing songs and albums uploaded through the Google Play Artist Hub will “no longer appear in the Google Play Store or Google Play Music service (including the paid streaming and free radio service).”

    What the *fuck.*

  19. This move to YouTube music is probably the dumbest move they have made. It would have been better for them to just pull out of music all together rather then switch to that abomination of an app. The idea that I have to create an entirely separate YouTube channel just so my YouTube feed isn’t filled with nothing but music videos is fucking stupid. Who is that service for anyway not anyone who likes music I’d imagine.

  20. Jesus google, why??? I just don’t understand, GPM imo is superior to many of the other streaming platforms. Why fuck that up with YouTube which is historically famous for having bad UI, not enough oversight, and is generally a huge fucking mess. Not te mention how it scares me that VEVO will probably be heavily featured. This shit is gonna make me go back to a local library.

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