Google Inbox officiellement fermer en 15 jours

Google Inbox officially shutting down in 15 days

Just a obtenu cet écran quand j’ai ouvert la boîte de réception app. Il confirme la boîte de réception s’arrête dans 15 jours, ce qui est 2 avril 2019.

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  1. Mostly I’m just mad about ads that look like emails in my Gmail app. And to get rid of them, you have to get rid of social and promotions? I’ve been testing Nine, Edison email, and AquaMail, and I don’t like any of them as much as Inbox. Grouping was amazing, damnit, and I don’t want to have to set up all my own labels to try and replicate it.

  2. I can manage without snoozes. And reminders.

    But how do you manage your trip bundles?? Right now I have 5 trips scheduled, one has my 8 coworkers and all of their hotel confirmations. With Inbox, I can bundle them all together and keep my inbox clean. Gmail can’t do this.

    So how do you suggest I handle this Google?

  3. It’s very sad. Gmail is hard to look at. It’s a entirely white back round with black text on it and a couple ovals of color for the categories. Besides that it doesn’t even compare to how well inbox works for my email flow. I’m going to use it to the very end, which is sad that it’s less than 2 weeks away.

  4. When I signed up for Inbox, Google said it was a way to test new features for GMail, but when I go back to GMail YEARS later, it is exactly the same as when I left.

  5. This is the worst of Google’s arbitrary shutdowns yet. Reader was a pain in the ass, I didn’t mind too much about Wave or + but dear lord Gmail is so awful after using Inbox for years how can they take it away fuck’s sake.

  6. Gmail sucks ass. Both the app and the web.

    I’ve used inbox since 2013 when it was released and it has always been better.

    It shows all of my reminders and emails in one place. What the fuck else can do that, google?

  7. I love inbox, though I’m glad they have bought many of the features to Gmail. Even though I prefer to continue using inbox, I transitioned to Gmail app after the announcement and it’s been not that bad.

  8. Can someone help, I got 3 Gmail accounts but I only want to see All mail instead of by labels for 1 account.

    Inbox could do it but Gmail All mail shows all accounts mail which is stupid or I’m not seeing a setting.

  9. At this point it feels like game of thrones. They kill anything good. The ending doesnt seem like a great outlook either now that I think about it lol. I loved Google and Android, but everything they do now is just to copy apple and make money. With this next Q, it’s getting more restrictive. They are making many decisions that are going to shun developers away. It sucks because there really arent many other choices, the others died, firefox os, ubuntu phone, windows OS, webOS. So we’re stuck with 2.

    So you can either go with them or apple which limits you more in software, has faster hardware, but more pricey.

    I dont use google as my main email anymore, I still have it of course becuase i can never get rid of everything (ive used it for so long). But i got the majority of the important stuff moved. It feels nicer too, more private. But they need to work on updates on the mobile app and website a bit (protonmail), but all in all, im happy with it.

  10. Damn, Bundles were a great feature. I really was hoping they’d carry that over to Gmail or something. I made the swap to Outlook earlier and honestly prefer it. I’m mainly very thankful that they made swiping mail left/right a standard.

  11. Honestly okay with losing the inbox Android app. It’s pretty cool that you can customize swipe actions in the Gmail app. But losing the beautiful inbox webapp…..


  12. What irritates me the most about all this is inbox notifies me daily that it’s going away and that Gmail « has all the same features ». Where are my bundles you assholes?

  13. Just stopping by to say I’m staying on Inbox till the last second. I’ve preferred the interface since the first moments Inbox was available, and I see gmail as a direct step backwards. Inbox cleaned up my email management immensely.

  14. This is so fucked up. It’s not like shutting down allo at all. People actually use and love inbox. It has features that genuinely make life easier and cannot be found anywhere else. « find all the inbox features you love in the Gmail app » where, Google? Where? If they were gonna shut one down, it should have been Gmail. This is a step backwards. I’m at my wit’s end with Google. I think I’m going to switch to iOS because at least they actually support their « failures »

  15. I really thought they were going to add bundles to Gmail before the final shutdown. Fuck you, Google. This and Google+, two of the best products they ever created, after Reader.

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