39 réflexions au sujet de “Google GDC 2019 Gaming annonce à 13:00”

  1. 1.00pm: Welcooooome everyb…

    1:01pm: Thank you all for coming. We have decided not to release the product due to lack of usage. Our analytics show less than 1% of our customers were using the service.

  2. I feel like I’m the only one excited for this. Hopefully today is the day the video game industry gets disrupted, as opposed to being a let down. Project Stream ran very well.

  3. Ultimately, the viability of Stadia will be determined by individual user’s internet connection. It doesn’t matter if Google servers can stream [email protected] if the average player’s connection is getting throttled by ISPs or interrupted by other signal traffic issues.

  4. I remain highly sceptical of game streaming.

    A 15ms latency is already too much for most games and that’s just the internet latency which doesn’t include the time it takes to encode and decode the video stream. Then you also get some latency from your screen (depends on whether you play on a TV or a good gaming screen) and it becomes unplayable in anything that’s using mouse input or precise controller input (Super Meat Boy for example).

    A Netflix like service would take away many advantages of local gaming like tweaking config files and modding the game. I also have a hard time seeing them support high frame rates for 144hz screens.

    Even something like local streaming over gigabit ethernet doesn’t work for a lot of games and that has a lot less latency than something over the internet.

  5. This looks phenomenal, and after testing Product Stream, I want in. I was considering Shadow cloud computing (and may want to still try this for it’s more « desktop » experience), but this looks better so far.

  6. in typical google fashion, they are going create an amazing product but do it so incredibly backwards that it ensures that nobody adopts it, then they are gonna be stubborn and refuse to add the things it needs to thrive, and then kill it in a year when it doesn’t take off like they expected it to, just to replace it with something stupid that is gonna take years to convince anyone to adopt.

    (yes, I’m bitter about Allo).

  7. I am pretty curious about what Google is going to announce after learning on Twitter that they have a Dreamcast,NES power glove, and the E.T video game in cases along side one that says « coming soon » at GDC. If it dose end up being a streaming service I am kind a hopefully since my experience with Project Stream was decent despite the fact my internet isn’t all particularly great

  8. The one thing I want to see is them utilising cloud computer not to run a single player game, or traditional multiplayer game but a multiplayer game technically run singleplayer.

    With cloud gaming latency is a problem as is multiplayer gaming so adding these two together can lead to a bad experience. What I want to see is and this multiple players sharing the same render and memory without duplicating it across instances.

    This way you could in theory have 1,000 players run lag free.

  9. I’m hoping this will bring Overwatch to my Chromebook 🙂 I often bring my desktop to my friend’s house, and if I could cut back to just my Chromebook, I’m all for that!

  10. Damn, you guys are bitter as fuck. Why even come in to the post?

    Like standing in line for a movie while complaining about how awful it’s going to be.

    Just don’t watch it? Not that hard.

  11. soooo what games is it gonna have? Looks like its basically up to developers to port/develop games to this, which makes no sense financially if nobodys using the platform yet. And nobodys gonna want to use it because there are no games for it.

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