Google donne aux développeurs Android nouveaux outils pour faire de l’argent auprès des utilisateurs qui…

Google donne aux développeurs Android nouveaux outils pour faire de l’argent auprès des utilisateurs qui…

Google gives Android developers new tools to make money from users who won’t pay

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Google donne aux développeurs Android nouveaux outils pour faire de l’argent des utilisateurs qui ne paient pas

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21 réflexions au sujet de “Google donne aux développeurs Android nouveaux outils pour faire de l’argent auprès des utilisateurs qui…”

  1. >The first product will be rewarded video, where users can opt to watch a video ad in exchange for in-game currency, virtual goods or other benefits.

    I remember when a game gave me this option, so I did it, and the ad was for a better game

  2. For all the fear mongers:

    This is nothing new. Google is not adding pop up videos in your apps. Google is not forcing you to watch videos to play your game. Google is jumping on board with the video ad monetization model that already exists in the Play Store.

    This is an alternative to spending money in apps. You have the OPTION to tap that button and watch an ad for in app currency. Again, this is nothing that isn’t already being done by thousands of developers of popular apps in the Play Store.

    Straight from the article:

    >Pandora listeners can choose to watch a video ad to access on-demand music for a session as an alternative to paying a monthly subscription.

    This already exists and sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Not sure why anyone would be opposed to this.

  3. Unpopular opinion time. (bye bye karma)

    I’m an Android developer. I make apps in my spare time as well as my full time job.

    I have two apps that have small banners on them in various places. With a total of a few thousand monthly users. They have alternate ways of eliminating the ads, which are rarely activated.

    These apps make about 3 euros per month. Altogether. That isn’t enough to pay for the time I put into it, not unless I wait a few decades.

    Personally, I welcome this addition, and I will certainly be trying it as a way for users to remove ads for X hours.

  4. Honestly, I’m more fond of the microtransaction based anonymous funding system that Brave is trying to push(Brave Rewards) than sitting around watching videos or paying $5/mo to subscribe. Give me a no-ad, no-tracking experience with that approach and I’m for that. I’ll support companies that commit to me, not much different than paying .50c for a newspaper.

  5. So I remember attending a focus group on paying for apps. I was the only Android user there. I was the only person there that believed in paying for apps, to the point where the person running the focus group said I’m perhaps the only person in the whole city who pays for apps (they had similar responses from other groups). The reasons for not wanting to pay for apps from the rest of the group was « we’ve paid so much for this phone the apps should all be free ». My palm met my face at that point and couldn’t believe how misguided their thought process was.

  6. This article is shit

    >Even in Google’s example of the rewarded product in action — meant to showcase a best-design practice, one would think — the video interrupts gameplay between levels with a full-screen takeover.

    Except the example doesn’t do that. The video interrupts nothing because the user CHOSE to watch the video to double their score.

  7. Would be an instant uninstall from me and I’m happy enough paying a high price for apps as long as they don’t do crap like this.

    For proof I don’t mind paying higher for ad free apps heres my games tab at the moment last one I bought was Monster Hunter Stories.

  8. Pop ups and not just ads pop ups in general have been around since the creation of the internet pop-up ads is what YouTube does to make money before videos because if people don’t subscribe then they don’t make money so they have to do some advertising I like how they took all the free videos of TV series and movies that people posted and now are charging for them LOL. The almighty dollar … but I have played many games to videos are optional some games to force you to watch them though

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