Google Allo s’arrête officiellement aujourd’hui

Google Allo s’arrête officiellement aujourd’hui

Google Allo officially shuts down today

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Google Allo officiellement s’arrête aujourd’hui

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  1. When Hangouts came out, I was a big fan. Talked a lot of my friends and family into using it. It wasn’t perfect, but they were always adding features, making it look better, etc.

    Then they started taking away features in a seeming attempt to get people to move to their other messaging apps, instead of just working on what they already had.

    They got me with the same scheme with Google Play Music – I subscribed day 1 and loved it, and for a while it kept getting better and better. Now it’s pretty much abandoned for YouTube Music, which it’s vastly inferior in functionality to GPM and Spotify.

    When Allo came out, I really wasn’t interested in another bait and switch scheme. Fuck off, Google. Get your shit together. Fix what you have, quit chasing new apps and abandoning them.

  2. I remember downloading the app within 10 min of the APK being released, everyone hyped as fuck, but then people realised it didn’t have SMS and literally destroyed all of /r/Android.

    Good times. You won’t be missed.

  3. Note: article is from yesterday (March 12). Allo was supposed to shut down yesterday, but it still works for me today.

    Edit: as of 1:30pm CDT I can no longer send messages via the Allo app.

  4. I’d say this app was dead on arrival because of user expectations.

    we heard rumblings of RCS. We all thought iMessage killer. We saw how Google Assistant would one-up the messaging experience and it all collapsed on release.

    but, hey at least they added new stickers consistently.

  5. My wife and I really liked Allo. Now we’re on FB messenger and wont be transitioning again any time soon. Not because I like FB messenger but because its not going anywhere and it works well.

  6. Classic Google, comes out with a great app that gets decent reception (a cult following in some cases) then they kill the app off a year or two later.. would it not make much more sense to just implement these features into the ‘Messages’ app? Since it’s the one most people use outta the box and comes install on a couple reputable OEMs..

  7. Can someone’s answer why Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, creates so much software and so many platforms only to shut them down or build a replacement alongside them? Why not just keep building on them consistently?

  8. Pretty strange as the world now lives on 13th of March, some even on 14th, Allo still works as people keep reporting. I just don’t like how they kill it off and so quickly. I was a user of Hangouts before Allo and i liked Allo much more. Won’t go back to Hangouts though, Google really fucked it up to me this time with their apps, it’s not the first time they do this, and not the last.


  9. There was never any point to it. Google keeps thinking that Assistant is important and useful despite all evidence showing exactly the opposite. It rarely can do simple things well and has a ton of problems. It’s essentially an awkward voice-based interface to search and a few other functions it won’t handle the way you want (e.g. if I ask it to play a song I own and have saved on my phone, it will complain that I don’t subscribe to Google Music and open a mix instead).

    It also fails hard at slightly complex tasks that should be within its ability. Like telling it to move my dentist appointment to Tuesday, change my alarm from 4 PM to 6 PM, tell me when the next bus is coming, how long it will take to get to a given event, or tell me when I need to leave the house tonight (a more involved task, but one that Google Now used to be able to do). Basically the sort of minor logic that would integrate data from multiple places combined with reminders to replicate what an assistant should actually do.

    I can search for things on my own. I don’t need something to make that process more difficult. And that’s all Allo did. They seemingly thought that I might want to have constant, in-message access to search along with suggested searches forcibly thrust in.

  10. Rest now, sweet prince.

    I actually really enjoyed Allo. It needed more features, especially SMS fallback. But it was my favorite messaging app, and I had like the 15 people I texted the most on it. I just hope RCS really gets rolled out quickly now.

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