31 réflexions au sujet de “Google a frappé avec € 1,5 milliards antitrust très bien par EU”

  1. This is getting reported for rule 5 (rehosted content). While that’s true, we’re keeping it up for the following reasons:

    – ~~The [original report](https://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-1770_en.htm) is a dead link (« The information you are looking for has moved. ») and it doesn’t look like they’re an [updated one yet](https://europa.eu/newsroom/press-releases/last-seven-days_en), so there isn’t an original source to post instead.~~ The non-https link works.
    – The article provides some good context.
    – There’s some good discussion already happening here.

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  2. >The policy under scrutiny dates back to 2006. Then, Google started selling customers its AdSense for Search product. This let companies like retailers and newspapers place a Google search box on their website. When visitors used the search box, Google showed them ads and split the commission with the website’s owners.

    >**Google also made customers sign contracts forbidding them from including rival search engines on their sites.**

    Bold added by me for emphasis.

    Seems reasonable to fine them over that. Are other courts fining them for this?

  3. Tomorrow some idiot will make a post about google not creating an iMessage alternative and forcing oem to preinstall it or fix the update issues . Do those people take the day off and ignore these posts and articles ? I’m curious

  4. once again angsty anti-europe children bashes on EU giving a huge company a fine


    how dare they? fining someone for anti competitive actions? that makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So I know Google will pay this fine and everything, but I have always wondered. When big companies get hit with fines like this from foreign governments, what happens if they do not pay it? I doubt the EU would just ban google from operating in the EU right?

  6. Fascinating that I am forced to use Apple browser engine and can not use anything else but yet the EU is fine with it?

    Apple locks down just about everything but the EU is fine with it?

    Does Apple just grease the EU leaders a lot better than Google?

  7. This is the 3rd time Google has been fined by the EU in just 2 years. Their business model is just fundamentally incompatible with European values, maybe they should just leave (or be banned from) the continent altogether.

  8. Pretty much shows how the US doesn’t have any laws or care about the privacy of the people or abusing of the market.

    Embarrassing that it is EU who has to say stop on behalf of everyone.

  9. Our company is often asked to sign exclusivity agreements, as in « if you want the work from us, you agree to work with nobody else in our sector ». However is this different?

  10. I realize it’s becoming « trendy » nowadays to distrust big tech companies BUT since when has it become trendy to give politicians a free pass in the trust department? I’m looking at the EU fines with a healthy dose of skepticism and can’t shake this image in my head of a bunch of them sitting at a boardroom table with $$ signs in their eyes planning how they can re purpose this fine money for unethical or irresponsible spending.

  11. Meanwhile apple can abuse the standard charger ports for 10 years, fucking over all customers, giving them almost a monopoly over their chargers, and other electronics that have to connect with it. How is apple never fined? They also fuck over developers by online allowing app development for iOS on an apple

  12. Good, I hope they can go after Google’s android monopoly. If you want to release an android phone you can’t survive without the play store but you’re forced to have a whole bunch of Google bloat and garbage on your device to get the play store. Especially with google forcing more and more apps to be dependent on Google’s services to work.

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