Gestionnaires de RIP de presse-papiers : Presse-papiers de fond Q Android blocs accéder

RIP Clipboard Managers: Android Q blocks background clipboard access

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité tous les jours de manière confortable ?

RIP presse-papiers gestionnaires : blocs Q Android fond accès au presse-papiers

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  1. This is definitely a necessary improvement, but there should be a permission in case you want to allow it explicitly for certain trusted apps. Similar to the permission « Draw over other apps ». I want to continue using my clipboard manager (which doesn’t even have internet access).

  2. This should be a no-brainer really. Accessing clipboard and network on background is basically a keylogger since many password managers relies on copy paste.

  3. This is actually a good thing, because atm your clipboard is simply broadcasted to every app which is quite a flaw from security perspective as any app can just record your clipboard. But ofc there should be an option to activate it for apps that you want to do exactly that…

  4. i get that people are upset about apps losing functionality because as usual google goes for the most hamfisted implementation possible, but it’s ludicrous that clipboard access was ever so open. you copy something from one app and every other app can see it? that’s a massive security hole. apps should only be able to see what’s in the clipboard when the user shares it with them by pressing « insert »

    (with the possible exception of clipboard managers that you could tag as trusted to give them permanent access)

  5. On iOS and Mac, Universal Clipboard works in the background in Continuity mode.

    Meaning- if you have another iOS/Mac device running, the clipboard item(s) will be synced in the background via iCloud onto the other device (the other device would also have to be signed to the same AppleID). So you can either paste the copied item or have the item synced to your Clipboard manager (provided it uses iCloud sync).

  6. >The only exceptions currently are input method editors (IMEs), so mostly keyboard applications.

    In other words, Google has effectively monopolized clipboard utilities for themselves and Microsoft (SwiftKey). It’s impossible for other clipboard developers to compete. Awful.

  7. Will this brick apps like « Share to Clipboard » which add a « share URL » button to web browser’s share panel?

    It’s really not good. The OS is getting more locked with no options for those who want to disable it. The phone recording, GPS, background app killings, now this.

  8. So I don’t think I’ve really used a clipboard manager. I use Swype+Dragon as my default keyboard and I don’t think I use a clipboard manager with it. Anyone mind explaining what I might have used one with or for?

  9. Once again, this is the most popular OS in the world; the main way most of humanity is accessing the internet. We shouldn’t have one company be able to dictate to us what we are allowed to do with our devices.

    Block it as a default but let me the user decide to override this recommendation!

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