Galaxy S10+ review: Too many compromises for the sky-high price

Galaxy S10+ review: Too many compromises for the sky-high price

Galaxy S10+ review: Too many compromises for the sky-high price

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Galaxy S10+ review: Too many compromises for the sky-high price

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  1. **TL;DR Below**

    #The Good
    Great battery life.

    A beautiful display.

    The new and speedy Qualcomm 855 SoC.

    Better dark mode support than stock Android.

    More reachable controls than stock Android.

    #The Bad

    The hole-punch display design means the camera takes up more display real estate than it needs to.

    A fragile glass back that is also a fingerprint magnet.

    Five cameras that all turn in mediocre images.

    The fingerprint reader could be faster. I actually think OnePlus’ in-display reader is better.

    With Samsung’s update speed, expect to always be one version behind the latest Android release.

    We aren’t even getting up-to-date security patches on the unlocked version.

    #The Ugly

    It is still shocking to pay $1,000 for a smartphone and get crapware and ads.

  2. After reading this, does anyone know if he’s consistent with other glass back phones? I feel like all premium phones are Glass back. That’s not a deal breaker to me but whatever.

    The hole punch,I thought would be annoying but after playing with my dad’s s10e, I actually forgot about it. He doesn’t notice it either. So, ymmv.

    Dunno about the in print finger reader but I’m happy I have the note 9. I like it on the back so I’ll consider that a legit issue. Same with the update speed, I legit just got April’s.

  3. >OnePlus are offering a similar hardware experience with a superior software package, why would you spend $350 more for a Samsung phone?

    >probably the best display on the market. Most smartphones come with fantastic displays though;

    sure buddy, « fantastic display » is the same as the best display on the market. Why get the pixel 3, when you can get fantastic photos from a Moto g6 using Gcam?

    >but that will be everywhere in a few months. After that, I’m out of ideas.

    That explains the review.

    >Samsung’s cluttered software and its historic inability

    Putting stock android on a s10+ is a huge waste

  4. Same complaints every year. Fingerprint magnet, notch/hole issue, bloatware that can be disabled in two seconds, etc.

    The Galaxy fold needs to save us…sometime later this year. 🙂

  5. Classic amadeo review shitting on samsung products while praising or forgetting to name similar negatives for other companies like apple

    why i stick to anandtech, at least they are more neutral

  6. “Samsung has made strides with the One UI, and its skin actually wouldn’t be the worst thing on Earth if there was some cohesiveness to it. Right now, it’s a messy pile of apps from Google, apps from Samsung, and apps that basically boil down to Samsung selling space for rent on your $1,000 smartphone. There is a clear priority here: Samsung’s interests are valued over the interests of the user. Rather than just ship software that would create a good, cohesive experience and make the Galaxy S10 the best it can be, Samsung’s One UI is a conflict of interests from various Samsung divisions and spots sold to app partners.”….

    “Since this is a Samsung phone, let’s talk crapware! This is an unlocked phone direct from Samsung, so with no carrier involvement, this is as good as it gets. Despite being a premium, $1,000 smartphone, the Galaxy S10 comes loaded with ads, even my unlocked version. There are apps from Flipboard and Spotify as well as a unremovable version of Facebook. McAfee Anti-virus is baked into the operating system as « security, » and the Samsung Gallery app wants to share my location with Foursquare. The storage management settings, which is just a simple file-cleanup app, is « Powered by Qihoo 360, » a Chinese security company. A caller-ID feature built into the phone app is provided by a company called « Hiya. »”

    Ouch. Samsuck strikes again.

  7. Welp, didn’t know there were so many third party services (McAfee, 4Square, Facebook, probably more) preinstalled and not to mention doubling apps like Google/Bixby feed. I don’t want a stock Android but when you pay 1000 euros for a device, you better expect it to be free of all the crapware.

    Also Apple’s A12 is still generation or two ahead of the competitions.. If you spend a grand for a device, you should get best of the best and not just ‘good enough’.

  8. What a shit review.

    >Samsung does something unique and cool

    >Samsung doesn’t do something as well as I’d like.

    Also complaining about the facebook preinstall is the DUMBEST most childish thing to do.

  9. LMFAO look at all the galaxy fanboys getting mad. Stop bandwagoning just because you don’t mind spending more money for less features… most people don’t for obvious reasons…

  10. arstechnica reviewa are among the worst reviews. all they do is complain about anything non-google brands. they might even convince you that pixel has better design than samsung.

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