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  1. You want good hardware, features and a nice Camera? Get the S10

    You want the latest software, unlocked bootloader and the best camera? Get the Pixel 3

    It’s that easy folks.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t be against Google taking inspiration from OneUI design language for making things more one handed friendly, if I don’t need to reach higher I’ll actually be able to buy a taller phone and be happy with it

  3. I’ve used both (and also had every pixel generation so far, also had a note 9 recently as well). I returned the pixel 3 xl because of unresolved issues spanning 3 RMAs, and general poor quality and experience. Pre-ordered the s10e.

    The absolute only thing I find to be a better experience on the pixel phones is the stock camera experience. Aside from bright sunlight outdoor shots, Samsung camera experience is worse all around.

    On the other hand, it has the wide angle camera and you can simply install the Google camera port, which largely makes the stock camera experience aspect moot.

    Also, Samsung has significantly improved the UI performance aspect to the point where my note 9 and S10e have essentially the same UI performance as my pixel 2 XL. Plus the build quality, general component quality, and stock features are much better on the S10e in my experience. For example, while I’m not an audiophile and generally use Bluetooth headphones, the dongle experience on Google phones is horrendous. Having a 3.5mm headphone jack back is great for when I don’t have my Bluetooth headphones with me, or need to use corded headphones and charge at the same time such as taking a long phone call for work.

    Edit, wow, that’s got to be the fastest salty pixel user downvote.

  4. Wish there was some exchange offer in my country. I wouldn’t think twice before exchanging my Pixel 2 for an S10e. V30 to Pixel 2 was the biggest drop in features I’ve experienced in a phone (beating my previous Nexus 4 to Lumia 520). I got the Pixel 2 mainly to get day 1 updates but now that I am getting it, I realize it is not worth sacrificing almost everything else

  5. The s10 is basically perfect on paper except for its slow charging and subpar selfie camera (try it out in store and you’ll see). If they fix that in the s11 then I’m 100% swapping to Samsung.

  6. Im in the market for a new phone. I was tossing up between the note 9 and the pixel 3 but i dont like that the pixel 3 has only 4gb ram. As you fill the phone up with heaps of apps its bound to slow down. And given my nexus 6p is now dog shit slow i just dont trust google phones anymore.

  7. As someone who just traded their Pixel 3XL for an S10+, I can say that hands down, this s10+ is a better phone overall. The UI isn’t buggy or laggy, the features are amazing, the feel is amazing and the screen is significantly better, handles fingerprints and oils from skin better, and almost everything feels better about it.


    The Pixel 3xl has some good qualities, yes: Camera on the pixel was significantly better. Fingerprint reader was snappy and faster than the s10.


    S10+: No lag, ever. speakers are better. Microphone and speakerphone are much better as people can hear me now!

  8. I tried the S10 (and the +) at a store today and the power button is too goddamn high. Nobody would naturally reach that high with their thumb.

  9. Samsung hardware is really beautiful this year. It was good before, but the s10 line are technological achievements for all it’s specs and beauty.

    But I’m still sticking with the Pixel. First, the camera is better. Sure, the GS10 has more lenses….but I don’t think I’ve ever been in situation where that would be useful. The P3s secondary lens is actually useful quite often in most situations, although it does some warping stuff that isn’t great. Video is also better on the GS10, but i don’t think it’s a big enough difference to overcome picture quality.

    Plus, the best camera feature IMO is actually the unlimited Google Photos full quality uploads.

    Also, I don’t trust Samsung on general stability and long term performance just yet. The Pixel series has been (mostly) flawless on that regard. The Pixel One I had for a year had zero issues. The P2 has also been great. The only exception has been one or two security updates in the last 3 years that have had some bugs, but those were fixed very quickly.

    And of course updates. But I’m legit jealous of Samsung hardware.

  10. I used a Nexus 5 for 4 years.

    I currently use an S9 since last year.

    Seriously, the ONLY thing that I miss so far, is the lack of bloatware. Other than that, I’ll keep trying to find reasons to return to Google.

  11. I’m in the market for a new phone. I really like Pixel 3XL. From what I saw and what I read, its camera is better than S10. But I think, S10 is better on video recording.
    Is there any way to take ultra-wide photos or telephotos with Pixel?

  12. I use both but for different reasons. For me, the Pixel 3XL is my daily driver. It just does everything right. The S10 is ok and I’ll use it for Samsung Pay. Once more places start with NFC, I’ll completely dump Samsung.

  13. Oh no, get ready for « iVerge » and « They talked about the iPhone more than once » comments, even though every YouTuber talks about iPhones in their Android reviews and vice versa.

  14. I was waiting for the s10+ to come out but I ended up settling for the pixel 3xl. It was almost 1k cheaper. For me, the benefits I would get from the s10 don’t amount to an extra grand.

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