Galaxie S10 plus – « grand angle » de la caméra frontale est faux ?

Galaxy S10 plus – front camera’s « wide angle » is fake?

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

Just got mon S10 plus et j’ai remarqué que l’option grand angle de caméra frontale semble être faux ? Donc avec les deux plus S9 et S10 plus devant moi j’obtenir les mêmes résultats exacts : S10 plus avec le grand angle activé et S9 et à côté de lui.
Je suis fou ? :))

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  1. It’s not fake. It’s a single, wideish lens on the left side that is cropped to look like a normal lens then uncrops when you zoom out. The other one is just a depth sensor.

  2. Samsung has always had a much wider angle front camera than competitors. Partly so it’s easy to get more people in the shot and partly so you can do front camera EIS whilst having enough space left to actually fit things in frame. Now with the S10 they allow you to pick normal and wide angle as options. With the normal just being a crop. This is done so people will take pictures with « normal » when the wider angle isn’t necessary. As it makes you hold the phone a little further and creates less distortion on the face because of it.

    It’s a simple trick by adding the option so people make better selfies without realising it.

    The S10+ is the same « wider » angle camera as the other models. The second sensors is just a depth sensor.

  3. Yeah the non wide angle mode is just cropping the left side camera. Interestingly, if you put your finger over the right side depth camera the camera app claims something like « cannot zoom in or out in this mode ». Not sure why it can’t crop a single camera feed with the other one covered.

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