31 réflexions au sujet de “Galaxie pli pratique vidéo révèle troublante Crease”

  1. I’m rather shocked by the fact that people didn’t expect this.

    IT’S FUCKING PLASTIC. Flexible, but not fully elastic. Only god can make the crease disappear.

    Samsung, Huawei, Royole, Xiaomi, infold, outfold, duo-fold, tri-fold, doesn’t matter. It is goddamn obvious, and yet people fuss the fuck about which one is better or worse. Same material, same crease, same range of radius, same visual annoyance.

    I can’t believe that this shit is even a controversy.

  2. Wasn’t this posted before and it was revealed to be an early test model that had apparently been folded several (understatement) times? I’m not defending the Fold or anything (it’s an overpriced gimmick).

  3. No way would I buy this. But hey. A company has to start somewhere. Let them put it out there. Let people test it. As time passes it will get refined. But I won’t be the first to try it. I’ll let others spend there money for that.

  4. I don’t understand the outrage for this. This was very well expected.

    Like how we expected and accepted our smartphones to be more fragile than our old feature phones.

    Like how we expected and accepted our smartphones to have poorer battery life than that of the feature phones.

    Development brings something with it. You can’t defy physics. We are yelling for all the wrong reasons in this sub. SMH.

  5. Ok, so Samsung basically just made this product so they could yell “FIRST”.

    I can’t imagine how dissapointed someone would be paying $2000 to get a phone with ridiculously huge bezels which unfolds to be a tablet that looks like one that was on display in a childrens day care center.

  6. Doesn’t look as bad as the comments implied. Definitely not idea but I’d like to see it in action in person first before I make much decision. I would never really be using the phone at this angle looking at an all black screen so more keen on seeing how it performs in a real world setting.

    Hopefully they can figure out ways to get past this.

    When the video is at a more practical angle, at like 1.40, it’s not visible.

    I think this might be getting blown out of proportion, or it could end up being worse than we even expected. Let’s wait and see.

  7. Er guys,


    before we all get the pitchforks out; isn’t this one of the pre-test units?


    The ones that have been folded over and over and tested through the ground,


    Because all the new production units aren’t even made yet/are in process right now?


    **Meaning this isn’t really proof of anything, other than a plastic screen can get creased if folded a lot!?**


    Also, Samsung has acknowledged the issue, given it a number (10000 folds for a crease to appear) and are rumoured to be offering free screen replacements after the 10k folds/a crease appears.



  8. This looks fine. I don’t really like Samsung products for the most part, I think even the S10s are overpriced and the GF definitely is, but Samsung has a loooooong history of crazy hail Mary tech attempts (Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Round, Galaxy Zoom, etc) and every generation of technology has to start somewhere.

    There’s plenty of concerns: long-term durability, scratch resistance, image quality, cracking, UV yellowing, etc. But the crease show in this video? Eh, it’s what I expected, and it’s fine.

  9. Eh, doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would be. Definitely more preferable than how the Huawei Mate X will handle the creasing since it’s outwards.


    Still not buying foldables anytime soon either way.

  10. I mean come on! It’s either a crease or separate panels. How could there not be one? Seriously even if it doesn’t crease at first , it will over time. Like a wallet or anything plastic that gets folded thousands of times.

    Call me a skeptic but this kind of thing to me is another way they can make a product that will wear and fail faster for more money. It will be cool to show off while it lasts and by that time the next gimmick will be here waiting for you.

  11. thought this was some new development. wasn’t this posted like a week ago? Pretty sure Samsung even had time to come forward and said that this was an early test model that had gone through vigorous testing.

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