G8 de LG sera vendu à 897 600 won(790$).

Lg g8 will be priced at 897,600 won(790$).

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues tous les jours de manière confortable ?

Lg g8 sera vendu à 897 600 won(790$).

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  1. If launch price is $750USD this is an improvement over the V40 which was $900+ or something on release.

    LG are losing marketshare and losing money while producing pretty good phones (sure, not best in class but the phones are quite good). By reducing the rediculously high launch prices, they may get more consumers giving them a chance early after release. LG phones still lose value really fast, so everyone waits to buy, no one wants to dump 900 at launch only to see the phone half the price a few months later. It just burns early adopters, which they need because early adopters will help promote their devices to other consumers.

    As long as they can get the G8 to market quickly… which remains to be seen. It’s been announced but when will it arrive in the global market?

  2. It’s actually a compelling phone. I adore the flush camera array on the back (it’s so underrated, and it’s utterly shameful that all other manufacturers are giving us camera bumps), and the screen acting as a speaker is fucking dope.

    I’m in the UK so no idea if this one will launch here – I’ve read we might get the G8s instead, which is less appealing.

  3. Honestly LG phones are underated to the point that they got no respect. For audiophiles and consumers that love playing with manual controls on the camera there is no substitute. Unfortunately since people don’t buy their phones they will probably change that formula and then we will have another bland android phone that doesn’t stand out. The one big criticism is their update schedule or lack thereof, and that’s one valid criticism.

  4. I was really hoping for a substantially lower price (maybe around 600 or so), I don’t see LG competing with Samsung unless their phone is cheaper (than an S10e in this case). Oh well – I suppose I’ll have to grab an S9 or wait it out until the prices drop in a few months!

  5. That seems like a good price, definitely my next phone

    EDIT: I have given reason to what I said in the replies, perhaps you will agree?

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