17 réflexions au sujet de “Facebook Messenger sort de la mise à jour de devis réponse.”

  1. Despite my general hate boner for Facebook as a whole, I’ve really warmed up to Messenger since the new UI. The blinding white or pitch black color choice still sucks. And it is Zucc & Friends behind everything. But it’s clean and modern looking, super feature rich, on every platform without wonky phone pairing, and you don’t get a weird look from people when you suggest using it.

  2. FB’s business version of messenger (Workplace Chat) has had this feature for a while now and I’m glad they ported it to the actual FB messenger app.

    For all the hate FB gets they seem to be doing a lot of things right (at least design wise).

  3. ITT: Facebook is horrible! Stop using it! But keep giving all your data to facebook despite their illegal activity because their app looks pretty.

    Jesus People, every tech sub on this website is the epitome of « complete lack of self control ».

    And you all wonder why all tech companies are getting so corrupt. Because even the enthusiasts and people who know what they’re actually up to, are fine with it because they have the same lack of self control as the idiots that watch Fox News or buy a new iPhone every year.

  4. I wish I could use FB Messenger, but I can’t trust Facebook, and I highly doubt that Zuck’s vision of a privacy-focused Facebook will actually be realized. Plus, I would get super annoyed by the ads. Otherwise, it’s the closest thing to iMessage on Android right now.

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