19 réflexions au sujet de “Examen de moto G7 puissance : comme batterie ? L’examen du G7”

  1. It’s an interesting review. They basically say the screen is crap but who cares, battery is good. The wifi/cellular switch is crap, but who cares cause battery is good. The camera is lackluster but who cares, battery is good.

    I love battery life as you can see by my flair, I put a huge value on it, but I’ve never seen a review just gloss over any seemingly big drawbacks because battery life is good.

    My A2 Lite can *comfortably* get 10+ hours SOT, with a significantly better 1080p+ screen, in a phone smaller than this with 1000mAh less battery. Even my old Redmi 4 Prime has a 1080p screen and gets 12+ hours SOT every day of the week.

    This phone seems like a swing and a miss. Too many shortcuts.

  2. It sucks the US isn’t getting the 64 GB model. What was Lenovo thinking by skimping on the specs for a stateside release? Would happily buy one if it did.

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