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  1. Man that’s a terrible score lmao. Worse then SD821/835 era flagships.

    Sony has a history of mediocre cameras so I’m not inclined to buy the DxOmark shilling argument.

  2. They admitted that their camera division didn’t communicate that well with their smartphone division. And they purposely didn’t want to compete with themselves. Sony is a joke when it comes to image quality for their smartphones. Maybe the Xperia 1 will change that. I doubt it.

  3. I don’t get how some of their phones have such mediocre and even poor cameras compared to other flagships when they’re the one manufacturing the sensors in the first place, this shit blows my mind. Like how are you not able to get the best out of your own damn product?

  4. We can’t expect much from Xperia 1’s camera with Samsung sensors….

    But a person from weibo (very famous leaker) told me:

    >*似乎Xperia的三星傳感器是暫時的。 下一個旗艦Xperia將使用所有SONY傳感器。 但我不知道中端設備。*
    >*即使Xperia 1也可能配備所有SONY傳感器。*
    >*It seems Samsung sensors for Xperia is temporary. Next flagship Xperia will use all SONY sensors. But I don’t know about midrange device.*
    >*Even Xperia 1 might have a version with all SONY sensors.*


  5. they purposely reviewed xz3 and not the xz2 premium because they knew 1 single camera cannot do as good as 2. I think they want attention from Sony for the bad review so sony will pay them to do good reviews for the next flagship. i mean, XZ3 is basically XZ2premium minus the monochrome camera. and all of my photographers friends preferred xz2p camera results on desktop to Samsung s9’s camera and that was a blind test. some didn’t like the over brightened photos, but low light photos and videos are way better than even the best huawei’s low light video. And s9/note9/s10 all have the same primary cameras, while all the reviews for each of them are different.

  6. The same guy who said about camera sensor sent me this.

    He said he’s seen a few prototypes of next flagship xperia but non has finger print sensor.

    Not sure if it’s because they are still in prototype but he thinks next xperia will ditch finger print sensor just like iphone, and use front Tof cam will be used for face recognition.one of prototype photo:[https://imgur.com/VkG1nJ0](https://imgur.com/VkG1nJ0)

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