15 réflexions au sujet de “Envoi de Firefox maintenant disponible sur le Play Store”

  1. I just installed it and it works fine. It seems like a good wat to share files quickly between devices. I already use Telegram to save files, which doesn’t expire, but this could still be useful to share a file from my phone to a computer where I don’t have Telegram installed.

  2. Interesting app, I like that it seems to use a proper intent for file picking instead of requiring storage permission. I wonder why it is so large for what it does, though.

  3. So I’ve taken to distrusting Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. Is there any reason to distrust Mozilla? I’ve been using SuperBeam and Send Anywhere but I think Send Anywhere is some no named Chinese company backing it. Should I switch to Mozillas app?

  4. > Firefox Send makes it simple to share large file sizes

    > With Send you can share file sizes up to 1GB quickly.

    What is the 1999? 1GB is considered « large ». When I first read « large file sizes » I assumed something like 20GB.

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