40 réflexions au sujet de “English football fans at its finest”

  1. OP’s explanation:

    >I think gif fits perfectly this subreddit because with every loop you discover great reactions of either football fans or the player itself.
    >Also the post is short and poignant and uploaded in the acceptable format.

    If you think this gif fits /r/BetterEveryLoop, upvote this comment. If you think it doesn’t, downvote it. If you’re not sure, leave it to others to decide.

  2. This is hilarious. The only part not hilarious is how many people in this comments section are getting on their high-horse about it. Sort it out, guys. It doesn’t make you look good, just uptight.

  3. Imagine of every comment on reddit was made by someone who was English. Rather than « came here to say this » it’d be « yeah mate »… Or rather than « roll tide » (whatever the fuck that means) it’d be  » Haha fuck off prick »

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