Écosystème Android apps pré-installé est une intimité et écosystème Android

Écosystème Android apps pré-installé est une intimité et écosystème Android

Android ecosystem of pre-installed apps is a privacy and security mess

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

sécurité gâchis d’applications pré-installées est un gâchis de sécurité confidentialité

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  1. Windows Phone allowed removal of pre-installed apps, it was so cool. Facebook came pre-installed on Lumias, but you could simply remove it. Windows 10 Mobile extended this aspect of the system even further, allowing removal of default calendar, music and emails apps and a few others that I don’t remember. This ability should be brought to Android… Let the users choice what they want to keep (with exception of the core apps).

  2. On my S8 can’t remove the Google app, Chrome, Maps, YouTube, Microsoft apps, word, excel, PowerPoint, even Onedrive (God almighty), The useless Galaxy Store which now is required if I want the Google play store to work on Pie (otherwise it don’t install nothing). The Samsung clock app is non removable and I can’t disable it.

    I have no problems having apps out of the box. I have a problem when I can’t remove them.

  3. Honestly, this is going to be the next battle between Apple and Google. Apple has started positioning itself as a champion of privacy now that privacy has become part of the common zeitgeist. Given the current security mess, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start painting Android as the OS of Big Brother.

  4. The Peel Remote app that shipped with the galaxy S5 and some other models is absolutely atrocious. It has slowly received updates over time that make it more and more intrusive. I spoke to my not so tech savvy parents recently who thought it was normal to have a full screen ad appear each time they took their phone off standby. I had a look and it turns out the peel remote app was showing a large ad under the area where you input your pattern to unlock the phone. After unlocking the phone a full screen ad would appear, every single time… This was accompanied by fullscreen ads opening when opening other apps etc. Turns out it’s the Peel Remote software that’s causing this, and it can’t be removed from the phone, only disabled. I’ve disabled the app numerous times for them but it just reenables itself after a couple of days.. and the ads begin to appear again… I’ll also mention, they’ve only used this app on their phone like once, years ago. The app itself is basically just a unremovable highly intrusive piece of malware, have no idea what I can do about it for them (besides root the phones and remove that way), Samsung should be ashamed. Anyone else experienced the absolute nightmare of the Peel Remote ‘app’?

  5. Vote with your wallet. Most people don’t seem to care. Even this « enthusiast » community has no problem buying the next LG and Samsung despite being preloaded with bloatware. There are lots of OEMs selling clean phones like Nokia, Motorola, and Google.

  6. Vendors like Asus pre-install Facebook and Instagram on their otherwise « AOSP » like builds. Along with these apps, they also let Facebook run some background services that are installed into the system partition with highly escalated permissions.

  7. Google needs to just grow a pair and tell oems and especially carriers to toe the frickin line or get bent. No preinstalled apps besides the basic ones needed to make the device function. Since most people are hopeless tech muggles, perhaps have an option during the setup process to install « the following apps », and then the user can check which ones they’d like installed, which are then downloaded from the play store, and the user can get rid of any time.

  8. If you want an idea about the gross violation of privacy.

    Install some VPN based ad-blockers for non rooted phones. Adaway for rooted and enable logging. Observe how many times google-analytics keep trying to dial home.

    same with apps like IG or Messenger or FB. They try to dial home once in every 5 seconds. Geezz.

  9. I agree that a lot of OEMs install way too much garbage by default, but why isn’t disable considered a sensible solution? It uninstalls all updates to a system app and, well, disables it, making it unable to run. Obviously it has to remain in the system partition somewhere, since otherwise it would break factory reset and maybe other things. Disable also persists through updates afaik, and you don’t need to use adb or other software to do it. The only thing that remains is the app in the all apps list and the used storage in the system partition, but you couldn’t use that even if you could really remove it.

    Would you guys be happier if disable was called remove and the app disappeared from the app list in the settings? It would still have to remain in the system partition obviously…

  10. if it weren’t for pre installed apps I wouldn’t have had half the features my S8 does. « Android just got support [insert stock samsung feature here] »

    Basic shit like native flashlight was implemented way later than it shouldve been

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